Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland Resort can be purchased online (it seems to be more than 400 RMB), and the seller will send you an email so as to enter the resort. After you get off the subway, before you enter the gate, you will feel that the subway station has a strong Disney atmosphere, which will make you as happy as a child. And you will feel even excited the moment you walk into the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Walking into the main gate of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, you can see a large fountain. A splash of water from a whale will rise up the Mickey on the surfboard, and it is surrounded by Disney’s various statues. There are some travel guides online that recommend everyone to go right and turn counterclockwise. It turns out that this kind of guide is correct, and many popular items are in the first area on the right. The staff at Disney are very sweet and kind, so you can talk to them and take a photo with a balloon.

The play section needs to cross the American town street, so you can go straight to the tomorrow world plate after the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort opens at 10 o’clock at the right hand. And you can take the small train in the Disneyland to explore the panoramic view of Disney. The train stops for two stops, one stop is at the town near the main entrance, and the one stop is the opposite of the fantasy world. There are street performances scattered in every corner of the park, but not all of them can be caught up, and it is full of surprises everywhere.

Disney at night is also very beautiful. The meal coupons can be bought online in advance and redeemed in the Disney. For the restaurant inside, it is highly recommended to taste the Royal Ballroom and the Great Adventure Restaurant.

Finally, if you want to have good experience in Disney, you must avoid the high-peak during holidays.

Nanxun Watertown

For the Jiangnan water town, you will feel it an ancient town when you are passing through. Many times, the Jiangnan water towns in our minds are often occupied by small bridges and water, and are monopolized by powder walls. In fact, the same ancient town, with different foundations, has an unusual cultural charm. The essence of Nanxun is that it was the bud of Chinese capitalism. Nanxun Watertown is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, Huzhou, and it is rich in silk and has the best quality. The Nanxun people have long been rich in silk and become wealthy giants. Because of the rich, there is an opportunity to go abroad and get in touch with Western society. Because of the sedimentation, every stone and bridge, brick and watt, is more and more heavy under the influence of historical atmosphere, but in any case, Nanxun Ancient Town is a place worth visiting.

For the meal and accommodation in Nanxun Ancient Town

There are also several hand workshops on the street where you can buy local specialties and snacks. Along the Nandong Street, after passing through the Silk Industry Hall, the right-hand side is the Bianmin Road. There are many snack bars on the road, especially the noodle restaurants. You can taste a bowl of noodles with the Jiangnan characteristics.

If you want to stay in Nanxun for one night, you can choose the special inn there. The Liuyinlu Inn on the east side of the Baijian Building was rebuilt in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It has front and back courtyards and is an authentic garden house, which is very famous, and the price of the standard room is about 200 Yuan/night. On the east side, there are also several inns which are built along the river, and they are simple and elegant. However, the price of accommodation in the ancient town should be slightly higher. If you want to stay at a cheap price, you can walk for ten minutes to Tai’an Road or Tongxin Road next to the ancient town. There are many hotels and the prices are quite affordable.

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill’s natural scenery is absolutely excellent. From South Gate, various legends and historical related sites and literati’s calligraphy stone carvings can be seen everywhere, and there are many illustrative facilities. Especially the true “Sword Pool”, the fake “Tiger Hill” allusion, are interesting. The iconic Yunyan Temple Tower, which was built in the Five Dynasties, silently watches every visitor entering the mountain gate. The more visitors get close to the millennium ancient tower, the more you will feel the vitality of the tower. For thousands of years, the Yunyan Temple Tower has been ushered every guest who has come here. It is no wonder that Yunyan Temple has long ceased to exist, and ancient tower has always stood in the ancient city of Suzhou.

Tiger Hill is located on a small hill with woods and green grass. Walking up the avenue, you can see the scenic spots on the roadside. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery all the way. You can walk along the stairs to the Guanyin Temple, a garden, and some attractions. And there is an exhibition hall which is dedicated to the history stories of the Tiger Hill. There are many literati famous people who have been to Tiger Hill. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see the Yunyan Temple Tower at a close distance. It can only be viewed outside and cannot enter the tower. It is a very great building, it is truly an amazing architectural accomplishment of the ancients!

After finishing your visit in Tiger Hill, you need to take a bus from the South Gate to the North Gate, so you have the opportunity to feel the forest scenery around the hillside avenue of Tiger Hill. There is a straight erected forest with a clear and wide river next to it. You can see the boat passing by on the water, which is a great enjoyment! Enjoying the beauty of the Tiger Hill and feeling the elegance of the ancient literati, you will feel Tiger Hill worth a visit!

Meijiawu Tea Plantation

Meijiawu is connected to the only mountain road in the city Longjing, where you can see bicycles, cars and pedestrians. Inadvertently, there will be a low-speed sports car whistling, and you will often see a masked man wearing helmet and tight clothes and passing by. However, in their vision, the green is like a running water. Only walking on foot there can you make a detailed view. The roadside children play in the water happily. The new people join hands to meet the sweet smile of the sun. The tourists look down the load and look up the sky. And the old man walks on the flat mountain road with his bag on his shoulder. Compared to this unchanging forest, the walking pedestrians are like flowing water, the constant thing is every tree here, and every tea plantation stands quietly here, watching the quietness of Hangzhou in the changing colors and length of the sky. In the afternoon, the clouds are awesome. When there is wind, the leaves are shaking. When it rains, it is dripping into the river. In different seasons, you can always see its different beauty. Meijiawu is a place where you are willing to take the time to date it.

Meijiawu is the place where you would like to buy Longjing tea. If it is a weekend, the road is crowded with vehicles that come to the mountain. The tea houses and farmhouses run by the local villagers are full of visitors. You can see the tea farmers holding the wok along the way and frying the green tea with their hands to make the well-looking and fragrant Longjing tea.

The authentic Longjing tea of Meijiawu, the charming porcelain of Longquan cave dwelling, the warm hospitality of the local people, all of them will make your trip to Meijiawu full of joy. In fact, in addition to enjoying those processes from drinking tea, there is peace. You will like it.

Xitang Ancient Town

In particular, it is important to emphasize that after 16:30 on weekdays in Xitang Scenic Area, and after 21:00 on holidays, you can enter into the Xitang Ancient Town free of charge. You can enter and leave at will. If you want to save your time, you can consider your own time. The attractions of the joint ticket are actually not good-looking, it is mainly walking around the ancient town to enjoy the scenery of Jiangnan water town. You can choose to drink tea in the teahouse by the river, chat with your friends, watch the water town landscape, relax your mood, or you can choose a music restaurant to feel the leisure of the folk songs. You can freely slow down your pace, walk and stop to feel the charm of the ancient town; you can also live in the ancient town for one night to experience the changes in the ancient town. The food inside the ancient town is not too expensive, not as scary as that of the general scenic spot, and you can taste the snacks there.

The interesting thing of Xitang is that you can take beautiful photos, although there are so many people from morning till night, you can take a very nice picture when you go to the bridge.

The Xitang ancient town is the representative of the Jiangnan water town. It is very nice and beautiful. There are water, boats, and bridges. It’s a bit like the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. It’s very nice. The night view is also very beautiful. It’s very lively. Of course, there are many people here. The food is also second to none. Many delicious gourmets, including whitewater fish, lotus chicken, sauce-fried screws. You can eat at the restaurant in Xitang’s Mengli Water Village. The taste is very good. And you trip will be very good.

Tongli Ancient Town

The Tongli Ancient Town area is not large, the circumference is about 3 kilometers, and people touring there generally walk on foot. In addition, you can also pay a manpower tricycle tour. In the ancient town, there is now a Wufu water boat tour that needs to be paid for, and the route covers the ancient town and Luoxingzhou.

The entrance to Tongli Ancient Town is on the south side of the scenic spot. After entering, you can see the landscape of the small bridge and water flowing in the ancient town. The Third Bridge with unique shapes and long history is in the center of the ancient town. The town’s joint ticket now contains nine major attractions, including Tuisi Garden, Pearl Tower Garden, Songshiwu Garden, Taihu Water Conservancy Exhibition Hall, Chongbentang, Jiayintang, Gengletang, Luoxingzhou and other attractions scattered throughout the ancient town. Tongli ancient town has exquisite and small gardens, celebrities’ former residences, and special exhibition halls, you can walk to visit one by one in the ancient town. Luo Xingzhou is a small island on the east side of the ancient town, where you can burn incense and worship Buddha. It takes 20 minutes to walk from the ancient town to the pier for boat trips. Tickets for taking the boat are also included in the joint ticket.

If you want to play in Tongli Ancient Town for two days, you can stay there for one night. There are many homestays in the town. Among them, Jingyitang Inn on Fuguan Street and Enzetang Inn on Zhuxing Street are famous, which are rebuilt from old houses and the price is between 100-200 yuan/night, and you will have antique feeling when staying there. However, although the accommodation in the ancient town has its own characteristics, the facilities are not as good as the hotels outside. There are budget hotels to choose from near the West Lake Road on the east side of the ancient town.

Wuzhen Water Town

Wuzhen is still pretty, I think the most beautiful time is early morning, and evening, and from around 9:00 am to noon there are the least people in the scenic spot as it is hot, after all, but it is convenient for you to take pictures as you don’t feel very crowded. The Wuzhen Theatre is also very local. The old people inside are here to listen to the drama every day. Although you maybe can’t understand the Jiangnan dialect, the songs they sing are also very good. The snacks in Wuzhen are not expensive, and the lamb noodles are highly recommended as the Lamb is super delicious! The onion steamed stuffed bun is also very cheap, which is around 2 Yuan. Be sure to go to the theater to listen to the drama, to keep quiet, or you will be criticized, the tea inside costs 5 Yuan/cup.

Wuzhen Water Town is mainly divided into two banks: East Bank and West Bank. The scenery of West Bank is more beautiful than that of East Bank. The scenery of East Bank is similar to that of local residents. Old Street does not require tickets. Then West Bank is larger than East Bank, you can spend a day in it, but East Bank just takes around an hour to finish your trip there.

The night view of West Bank is also very beautiful, and you will usually take a look at the night scene at West Bank. Of course, if you live in the West Bank area, you don’t need it. However, the price of staying for one night in West Bank may be more expensive than the outside. The surrounding small bar and some snack bar decoration are very emotional, the cost is reasonable, and not too expensive.

When you make your tour to Wuzhen Water Town, don’t forget to stay one night in the West Bank to appreciate the beautiful night view there. You will feel it enjoyable and captivating.

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang, a traditional Jiangnan water town, has left us with both mottled white walls and black slate road. Walking on it, you can always feel the vicissitudes of history. It is indeed an old town with some years old. The traces of the ancestors left have not changed. The stone arch bridges and the clear water have not changed, the pleasant living atmosphere also has not changed. Although the commercial taste is getting stronger, the people in the ancient town try to restore everything that was once there, so that the tradition can be passed down. Being in the ancient town of Zhouzhuang is just like you are in an intangible cultural heritage. Even these old street tiles and slab-covered arch bridges are intangible cultural heritage. The 14 ancient stone bridges that were preserved are built in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. More than 60% of the houses still preserve the architectural style of the period of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the entire Zhouzhuang ancient town is a pre-selected place for world cultural heritage.

Zhouzhuang is the first water town in China. You will feel it leisure when walking slowly on the banks of the Zhouzhuang River. You can also sit on a boat and watch the two banks along the river at night. The typical bridges in the south of the Yangtze River are very beautiful. Don’t join the group, just slowly enjoy the charm there by yourself, it will be better. The large-scale water scene performance in the evening is very good. It usually starts at 19:00 or 16:30. The performance includes the waters of Jiangnan, the Four Seasons of Jiangnan and the Jiangnan folk customs, especially the last one about the water wedding custom will have interactive interactions, which is very interesting.

It is absolutely necessary to stay in the ancient town for one night, when the bustling tourists leave, it is the time to truly understand the essence of the Zhouzhuang Water Town. Especially in the early morning, after a heavy snowfall, when the sun slowly spreads to the ancient town, you will truly appreciate her unparalleled beauty.

Seven Star Park

The corner of Seven Star Park is breezy, the lush trees on both sides of the lake bank seem to be whispering, and when the breeze smashes, the branches and leaves become quite agile, and make every effort to show the tourists its swaying style. There are many famous attractions, and there are many things to see and hear inside the park. For the noisy city, the Seven Star Park is more like a place for busy people to get rid of the tired life. It is green, the moisture hidden in the air enters the body with every breath, suddenly you will feel refreshing. In addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers, the lively macaque is also a beautiful scenery of the Seven Star Park. The lifelike rhinoceros stone carvings in the park are very harmonious with the wild monkeys who are jumping up and down and cleverly moving. This scene can only be seen in the Seven Star Park. The Seven Star Park is also home of Chen Guang’s tomb and the tomb of the Eighty Strong Man.

Qixing Cave is good. First of all, it has a large area and many things. It has caves, waterfalls and mountains. The scenery is very good. In addition, there are various entertainment facilities, rock climbing, playgrounds, etc., and there are many foods to eat. The trunk in the park is painted with chalk, and different small animals are drawn there according to the shape of the trunk. It is very interesting.

Traveling to Guilin, you cannot miss the Seven Star Park. The park is relatively large and may be the largest park in Guilin. It is named because of Qixing Mountain and Qixing Cave. It has good environment, and the greenery is also very good. Camel Mountain is very imagery. In the Qixing Cave you can visit the cave and there is a zoo inside the park, which attracts many children.

Fenghuang Ancient Town

Today’s Fenghuang Ancient Town has become a thriving tourist business town, the water of the Tuo River is no longer clear but has water plants. Every day, countless tourists come in and countless tourists leave. To be honest, at first glance, some people don’t like this place. It seems that it is so busy that there is no place to be quiet. Some people even said, “Fenghuang Ancient Town is a place that they don’t want to come again after they have visited it.”

Fenghuang Ancient Town is a small city with a long history. It is the hometown of Shen Congwen, and it is the border town under the text he wrote. There is a soul that represents a regional nation, such as songs, such as epics, records of the history, the stilted building with stories of ordinary people. Therefore, you can use your own eyes to feel the civilization of this ancient city, and the beauty it should have. And you will love its rough texture and the strength of its tall and strong features.

After dinner, the day in Fenghuang Ancient Town is completely dark. But it is still lively as the daytime, and the lights of the city are all open and radiant. You can slowly walk in the night of this ancient town. Personally, you will feel that night of this town is more suitable for young people and couples.

The night seems to be able to hide some unbeauty of this town, such as the yellow river water, and the crowds. The singers who sing in some bars on the riverside begin to sing songs.

There are also some DJ bars that can’t be stopped, but for those who are so quiet, they still like this kind of bar that can sit on the riverside and appreciate the singers sing folk songs. Anyway, it is a great ancient town that is worthy your visit to explore its charm there.