Fenghuang Ancient Town

Today’s Fenghuang Ancient Town has become a thriving tourist business town, the water of the Tuo River is no longer clear but has water plants. Every day, countless tourists come in and countless tourists leave. To be honest, at first glance, some people don’t like this place. It seems that it is so busy that there is no place to be quiet. Some people even said, “Fenghuang Ancient Town is a place that they don’t want to come again after they have visited it.”

Fenghuang Ancient Town is a small city with a long history. It is the hometown of Shen Congwen, and it is the border town under the text he wrote. There is a soul that represents a regional nation, such as songs, such as epics, records of the history, the stilted building with stories of ordinary people. Therefore, you can use your own eyes to feel the civilization of this ancient city, and the beauty it should have. And you will love its rough texture and the strength of its tall and strong features.

After dinner, the day in Fenghuang Ancient Town is completely dark. But it is still lively as the daytime, and the lights of the city are all open and radiant. You can slowly walk in the night of this ancient town. Personally, you will feel that night of this town is more suitable for young people and couples.

The night seems to be able to hide some unbeauty of this town, such as the yellow river water, and the crowds. The singers who sing in some bars on the riverside begin to sing songs.

There are also some DJ bars that can’t be stopped, but for those who are so quiet, they still like this kind of bar that can sit on the riverside and appreciate the singers sing folk songs. Anyway, it is a great ancient town that is worthy your visit to explore its charm there.

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