Seven Star Park

The corner of Seven Star Park is breezy, the lush trees on both sides of the lake bank seem to be whispering, and when the breeze smashes, the branches and leaves become quite agile, and make every effort to show the tourists its swaying style. There are many famous attractions, and there are many things to see and hear inside the park. For the noisy city, the Seven Star Park is more like a place for busy people to get rid of the tired life. It is green, the moisture hidden in the air enters the body with every breath, suddenly you will feel refreshing. In addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers, the lively macaque is also a beautiful scenery of the Seven Star Park. The lifelike rhinoceros stone carvings in the park are very harmonious with the wild monkeys who are jumping up and down and cleverly moving. This scene can only be seen in the Seven Star Park. The Seven Star Park is also home of Chen Guang’s tomb and the tomb of the Eighty Strong Man.

Qixing Cave is good. First of all, it has a large area and many things. It has caves, waterfalls and mountains. The scenery is very good. In addition, there are various entertainment facilities, rock climbing, playgrounds, etc., and there are many foods to eat. The trunk in the park is painted with chalk, and different small animals are drawn there according to the shape of the trunk. It is very interesting.

Traveling to Guilin, you cannot miss the Seven Star Park. The park is relatively large and may be the largest park in Guilin. It is named because of Qixing Mountain and Qixing Cave. It has good environment, and the greenery is also very good. Camel Mountain is very imagery. In the Qixing Cave you can visit the cave and there is a zoo inside the park, which attracts many children.

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