Longqing Gorge

Longqing Gorge combines the charm of the southern landscape with the majesty of the northern landscape in China. The canyons are tortuous, the river is green, the cliffs on both sides are steep, and the caves, stalagmites and stone pillars are densely covered. It is known as the “Little Li River” of Beijing. In spring and summer, people come here to play and go out; in winter, there is a sea of ice lanterns.

There is a reinforced concrete dam at the mouth of the Longqing Gorge. Inside the dam is a giant reservoir. When the water is full, it will flow out from the side hole spillway and flow straight down to form a spectacular waterfall.

You can take a scenic cruise, walk through the canyon, and feel the wonders of nature. For the Longqing Gorge in midsummer, the air is fresh and cool, and the average temperature is about 6 degrees lower than that of downtown Beijing, making it a great place for summer vacation.

Longqing Gorge has a cold winter climate and a long icing period. Taking advantage of this unique natural condition, the Longqing Gorge Scenic Area holds the ice lantern art festival every winter. Since 1987, the Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Art Exhibition has become a traditional project of Beijing winter tourism. The Ice Lantern Exhibition is located under the Longqing Gorge Dam between the two mountains. The huge ice waterfall naturally hanging down from the dam is the beautiful background of the Ice Lantern Exhibition. During the Ice Lantern Exhibition, the valleys are dazzling with lights, and the various ice sculptures and snow sculptures are shining and spectacular.

Longqing Gorge not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has matching amusement facilities. You can take the elevator directly to the cruise ship dock near Baihua Cave. There is also a thrilling wing slide in the scenic area, which can slide from the mouth of Baihua Cave to Cuidao in the center of the lake at high speed. In the vicinity of Baihua Cave, you can take the ropeway directly to the Shenxianyuan in the middle of the mountain. In addition, there are rock climbing grounds, ice climbing bases, bungee jumping, and other thrilling projects in the scenic area. Extreme sports enthusiasts can also find your own happiness here.

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