Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Zoo, formerly known as Xijiao Park, was founded in 1954. As the name card of Shanghai’s century-old history, it is one of the top ten national zoos in China and one of the second largest city zoos in China. The Shanghai Zoo, located at No. 2381 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai, is adjacent to Metro Line 10 and covers an area of 743,000 square meters. It has more than 400 species of animals on display and the houses that feeds the animals to display has 47,237 square meters.

The Shanghai Zoo has world-famous giant pandas which are known as “national treasures” and “living fossils”, as well as rare wild animals such as golden monkeys, South China tigers, and Chinese alligators, as well as representative animals from around the world such as gorillas, African lions, and giraffes. Polar bears, kangaroos, South American pelicans and other animals. At the same time, there are opportunities to get in touch with rare animals such as giant pandas and golden monkeys. The lovely alpaca, zebra and ecological garden complement each other, giving people the urge to take them home, and because of the convenient transportation, coming to the Shanghai Zoo during holidays to find childhood memories is a great choice.

In recent years, Shanghai Zoo has set up a city eco-zoo as its goal, and gradually transformed and built a visually accessible ecological animal exhibition area, so that visitors can feel like that they are in nature and enjoy the beauty of wildness. Since the opening of the zoo, the Shanghai Zoo has received nearly 160 million of tourists from the initial simple visits to the comprehensive park with four functions of entertainment, animal knowledge, scientific and technological research and wildlife protection. Featuring beautiful garden landscape, wonderful wildlife world, ecological wildlife exhibition area, harmony between people and animals, Shanghai Zoo will leave visitors with beautiful memories and love for nature.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is home to more than 200 species of rare wild animals such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, golden takins, pheasants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, white rhinoceros and cheetahs, and there are more than 10,000 species. The park is divided into two major visiting areas: the car entry zone and the pedestrian zone.

The pedestrian zone allows you to learn more about animals in the fun and education. Not only can you see giant pandas, African elephants, Asian elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, gibbons, lemurs, flamingos, and virgin wild animals, but also can enjoy many animal behaviors and interactive experiences.

The car entry zone displays animals freely and keeps the exhibition mode of “people in the ‘cage’, animal free”, giving the animal freer space. Let you be there to feel a group of zebras, antelopes, wildebeests, rhinos and other herbivores soaring together for the leisurely foraging; you can also watch the large tribes such as cheetahs, Siberian tigers, African lions, bears and wolves to show their wild and majestic charm.

In addition, there are 4 performance venues with different functions in the park. The stunted Russian professional team carries a variety of animal stars to perform the “magic tour”; cheetahs, Gree dogs, Mongolian horses, camels, ostriches and other competitive speed races let you have a good time; the ocean “elf” – California sea lions and American sea lions tell the “legends” from the sea.

In the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, more than 70 primates such as black palm spider monkeys, red marmosets, white-faced macaque monkeys, black and white apes, black-headed lions, cotton-capped pheasants, long-tailed langurs, and Arab pelicans, which are native to Africa, America, and Asia, are gathered together. You can enjoy the superb bounce ability of the baboon, the unique temperament of the red chimpanzee, the chic of the chimpanzee, and the beautiful singing of the gibbons.

Jinmao Tower

The 88-story sightseeing hall of Jinmao Tower covers an area of 1,520 square meters and a height of 340.1 meters. The decoration of the sightseeing hall is made of imported natural marble, of which the thickness of the wall stone is only 3 mm. The glass curtain wall of the Jinmao Tower offers you a wide view so that you can overlook the urban scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River and the magnificent scenery of the Yangtze River estuary. Here, you can admire the wonderful sunrise and sunset, and shake hands with the ever-changing blue sky and white clouds.

At the 88th floor, the scenery is just right, and your mood on the 87th floor is wonderful. Slow down and talk in the sky of the city. This is a café and an art gallery. There are many beautiful Taihu stones in the gallery. The value of most precious one is nearly 200,000 Yuan. It is one of the tallest dining halls in Shanghai; the five-star Hyatt Hotel offers all imported Matcha, which is also worthy of the experience.

The Jinmao Tower of Shanghai is in the prime location of Lujiazui in Pudong. It is also known as the kitchen three-piece set with the Oriental Pearl and the Shanghai Center. The Jinmao Tower has eighty-eight floors and the top is the sightseeing hall. The middle part of building is the living room. When you see the interior of the Jinmao Tower while living in the room there, it is still very characteristic. The room is outside in a circle. The interior is a deep patio, a spiral design from top to bottom, which is very tall and very stylish. And it is golden-gold color, and high-end atmosphere has a very good view here. Through the all-round transparent glass windows, the Bund, the World Architecture, the Oriental Pearl, and the adjacent World Financial Center and Shanghai Tower are all visible.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a landmark in Shanghai, and almost every visitor to Shanghai will come here to have a visit. It is awesome to reach the 279-meter two-story ball and overlook the most beautiful bends that Huangpu Road has crossed. The Shanghai Exhibition Hall on the second floor tells about the changes in modern Shanghai and is very helpful in understanding Shanghai’s past.

The 259m transparent observatory allows you to walk in the 360-degree transparent glass sightseeing gallery.

When you stand on the glass ring corridor which is 259 meters high, 150 meters circumference and 2.1 meters wide in the Oriental Pearl, although each square meter can withstand the weight of more than 2 tons, you can’t help but be scared when you step on the transparent glass to look at the constant flow of traffic at the bottom and view the vast Huangpu River which is not far away. Whether you look down on the soles of your feet or look at the entire city, you can’t help but experience an unprecedented sense of reality!

The 78m “Updating City” dynamic ring multimedia show can showcase the city life of Shanghai in the next 70 years in a multi-division of 240 degrees. It is the vision of the Oriental Pearl for the harmonious relationship between man and nature in the city of Shanghai in the next 70 years.

The 95m VR roller coaster let everyone scream and fly together, and pass through Lujiazui together.

On September 16, 2016, the 95m VR roller coaster of the Oriental Pearl was officially opened to the public. The indoor VR roller coaster, with the theme of flying over Shanghai Intercity High Altitude, transforms the original indoor roller coaster of the Oriental Pearl Tower into the popular VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which has broken through the limitations of traditional roller coaster vision and senses, opened the VR intercity high-altitude adventure new era which is more exciting and shocking and interesting.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The most worthwhile reason to visit the Shanghai World Financial Center is that it is free of charge during your birthday. You can bring your ID card on your birthday to view the scenery during the daytime in this year, then view the night scene at the next year, which will be very interesting. And when you go there, you can also walk along with Lujiazui to enjoy yourself during your trip in Shanghai. In addition, when taking the elevator of the Shanghai World Financial Center, the staff will tell you that it reaches the 94th floor in 66 seconds, but you will feel like just taking 30 second as it is really fast.

The high-speed elevator is a “LED light and shadow art work” which was designed by Japanese multimedia artist Toshio IWAI for the sightseeing hall. It is 66 seconds straightly to arrive the 94th floor, and the light and shadow are perfectly combined. The beating LED number on the ceiling of the elevator waiting area shows the height of the elevator.

There is also a souvenir shop and an air coffee bar in the Shanghai World Financial Center, as well as services such as taking commemorative photos of climbing, printing the sound star cards, etc., to accompany you to have the good times.

The Global Knowledge Gallery on the 97th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center showcases some of the little-known figures in the building process, which are entertaining and impressive. (The content displayed during the exhibition will change)

The Shanghai Gate Pavilion on the B1 floor presents Shanghai’s rapidly developing urban landscape in an advanced multimedia interactive format, with the most exquisite and realistic city model in the world.

The World Intangible Cultural Heritage Building’s special Longquan celadon pendant is one of the must-have items. Welcome to buy a gift package and take the beautiful scenery of the Shanghai World Financial Center back home.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center covers an area of over 20,000 square meters. In the exhibition area of more than 7,000 square meters, the city’s urban planning and construction achievements of Shanghai City are fully demonstrated, and the theme of “city, people, environment and development” is fully expressed, and it is praised by the public as “the window of the city”. A large number of high-tech means are used in the Exhibition Center to fully display the blueprint for the future of Shanghai from now to the year of 2020. The entire planning Exhibition Center is highly professional, informative, interesting and artistic, and it is integrating history and the future together, to give people unlimited imagination. The majestic momentum, the large-scale exhibition style, and the modern first-class high-tech display means vividly demonstrate the vicissitudes of Shanghai, showing Shanghai’s beautiful today and a bright future.

The theme of the Exhibition Center is “City, People, Environment, Development”, which fully displays Shanghai’s “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”. The Exhibition Center has an urban model that is reduced by 500 times according to the actual area of Shanghai, which shows a nostalgic Shanghai old style in the 1930s, and a future urban landscape of Shanghai by using high-tech means such as virtual reality and phantom imaging.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is the condensed sorrow of Shanghai for centuries. It is a window and guide for visiting Shanghai. It is a grand blueprint for looking forward to Shanghai’s beautiful tomorrow. This is a particularly good attraction, from the history of Shanghai to the present development, all are very detailed. And there is a panoramic interactive experience, and many novel exhibition methods, such as removable photo display and flip-cut huge books and some multimedia games. In short, it is worth visiting that is very suitable for family tour as it can be very helpful your gaining understanding for your kids.

Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai Old Street, starts from Henan South Road in the west, to Renmin Road in the east, with a total length of 825 meters. In fact, the old street is next to the business district of Yu Garden. You can go to the old street by visiting the Yu Garden and the Chenghuang Temple.

If you come down from the Bund 16 shop wharf, take the Zhongshan East Road and Renmin Road to Shanghai Old Street (east exit), it only takes 5 minutes; if you enter the old street from Henan South Road, there is a big archway at the entrance, and there are four characters of “Shanghai Old Street” on the main entrance or on the top of the counter gate. On both sides of the old street, there are shops, featuring a variety of goods, as well as gold jewelry collection trading center, teahouses, halls, galleries and so on.

Here, we strongly recommend an old brand store for you: “Shanghai Old Street Shishi Tofu Store” (Address: No. 454-456, Fangbin Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai). Xi Shi Tofu Store is suitable for leisure time and casual eating. Although the store is not big, it is very popular, there are chopped green onion tofu, Huizhou tofu, stinky tofu, all kinds of noodles at the prices of ¥9-12/bowl, and the small steamer bun taste good, which costs ¥10/ Cage.

Address: Fangzhu Middle Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Renmin Road to Henan South Road)

Traffic information: you can take the No.11, 26, 55, 64, 65, 66, 71, 220, 576, 920, 930, 736, 801, 715, 868, 926, 929, 969 bus.

Or you can take the Line 9 of the Metro Line to Xiaonanmen Station, the Line 8 of the Metro Line to Laoximen Station, and Line 10 of the Metro Line to Yuyuan Station.

When you have a visit there, it seems to be crossing the time tunnel, and be back to 100 years ago.

Old City God Temple

There is a famous gold and silver building in the Old City God Temple, which is as a century-old shop, and its architecture is also very characteristic. There are two things to do for your visit in Old City God Temple: taking pictures, and tasting food. There are many people taking pictures here. When you come here, you can firstly circle around the outer part of the Old City God Temple, which is a long way to go. So, when you are to have a trip there, do remember that you must have a pair of comfortable shoes. There are many pavilions in the Old City God Temple, each with different shapes and different characteristics.

Old City God Temple is one of the most lively and traditional places in Shanghai. However, anyone who wants to come to Shanghai to visit, the first thing that comes to mind is the Old City God Temple! In fact, the Old City God Temple in the eyes of so people travelers is the Old City God Temple Tourist Area, which contains a large area such as the Old City Temple, the Yu Garden and the shopping and dining commodities.

The Old City God Temple Tourist Area has a large number of tourists all year round. When it comes to holidays or national holidays, it is even more crowded. Some people travelling there are just for taking pictures; some people for tasting all kinds of snacks from Shanghai, and some people for buying small items in the small commodity market; some people for buying some Shanghai native products as a gift. At the same time, there are also large shopping malls and old brands of gold jewelry stores.

If you are full of expectations for life, or you are arrogant, just come to the Old City God Temple Snack Square, as it can make you feel the thrill of hell; if you have been to the City God Temple and felt desperate, you may wish to come to Fuchun restaurant to try to taste the snacks and see the scenery of heaven.

Shanghai Xintiandi

Some people say that Shanghai Xintiandi is like Beijing Sanlitun. It seems that there is such a point, but it is more formal than Beijing Sanlitun, as Shanghai Xintiandi is full of petty bourgeoisie.

When you get off the subway, you can walk to Xintiandi. The first thing you will see is STARBUCKS. There are a lot of people at the entrance of the store. From time to time, you will see a few foreigners wearing suits, who are very handsome, carrying a briefcase, well dressed, wearing a watch on the wrist. Because their temperament is too elegant, you will be completely attracted by them, and this scene brings a big city workplace atmosphere to tourists who have just arrived in Shanghai.

Xintiandi is based on Shanghai’s unique Shikumen old building. It is an urban tourist attraction with Shanghai’s historical and cultural features and the integration of Chinese and Western features. Xintiandi has fewer shops, most of which are coffee shops and western restaurants. The level of consumption here can be summarized in the simplest sentence. Just drinking coffee, Starbucks may be a cheaper coffee shop here. After entering into Xintiandi, you won’t find any coffee shop cheaper than Starbucks. And the western food will be more expensive in Xintiandi.

When you first arrive in Shanghai, and stroll around the Xintiandi, you will feel it still very sensational. In terms of the architectural style, the old Shiku industrial style is a good place to take pictures. Going to the end of Xintiandi, there will be such an alley on both sides. If you come here at night, the photo taken here will be better.

The construction of Xintiandi is tidier than Tianzifang, because many of them are rebuilt later. Although they are less old, they are also amazing in terms of architecture. If you like taking photos and enjoy fashionable life, Shanghai Xintiandi is a good place for you to have a visit.

Shanghai Tower

In the Shanghai Tower, it costs 180 yuan/person on the 118th floor and 360 yuan/person on the 126th floor. At the 118th floor, the field of view is not very good (if it is sunny, it is really a whole view of Shanghai), even if you are on the 126th floors, you can’t see anything.

The first floor of the Tourism Hall is an exhibition hall introducing the Shanghai Tower, which records the data of the world skyscrapers and the gene bank of the Shanghai Tower. There is a very cool introduction film, and you will be really impressed by this skyscraper. Originally there was a video, but it wants to leave some mystery for everyone, and it is even more shocking on the spot.

The elevator in Shanghai Tower is really great. It doesn’t take a minute to go up to the 118th floor. It seems to be 53 seconds. The main point is that the whole process is very stable. You won’t feel that you are on the 118th floor at a speed of 20.5 meters per second.

After going up to the 118th floor, it basically overlooks the whole of Shanghai. On the 118th floor, overlooking the Oriental Pearl Tower, you will feel it is very short, and the Jinmao Tower is also short. The Shanghai World Financial Center is OK. It is a great thing to have 360 degrees without a dead angle to have a panoramic view, which will make you excited and happy.

There is a souvenir shop in the sightseeing hall, which has a machine that words can be engraved on the back of the commemorative coin. How can you miss it as a commemorative coin collector (in fact, there are two kinds of coins)? Finally, you can choose a one with a strong stereoscopic effect. The bottom of the small sculpture of the building is magnetic. When it is put away, it can be directly put down. It is very cute and very nice.