Harbin Volga Manor

Volga Manor is located on the original ecological Ashe River in the outskirts of Harbin. It covers an area of more than 600,000 square meters. It is a tourist attraction based on the history of Harbin and the theme of Russian culture. It is a manor which is fully enriched with exotic customs. The manor integrates the functions of sightseeing, leisure and vacation, outdoor sports, exhibitions, research trips, wedding celebrations, etc. It can accommodate thousands of people for dining and hundreds of people for accommodation at the same time.

The manor is built on the Ashe River. The original natural environment is set against different styles of Russian architecture. After more than ten years of hard work, the city’s history, architectural art and wetland beauty are harmoniously integrated, bringing you the feeling of “Manor Listening to the bell in the painting, pushing the window to recall the feeling of Russia”. The restored St. Nicholas Church and the Mini-Ajur Restaurant carry the memories of the old Harbin people. Classic Russian buildings such as the Vodka Fort and Petrov Art Palace are reproduced here. Traditional Russian folk culture such as painting art, sculpture display, folklore experience, Traditional Russian folk culture, music interpretation and Russian cuisine, is reflected here.

In winter, the main goal of the manor is to advocate the destination of Russian-style ice and snow artistic life experience. It integrates Russian-style ice and snow and activities such as castle skiing and castle snow circle into the scenic area, presenting not only the beauty of architecture, but also the real Russian art life.

The Castle Ski Resort here is a special leisure and entertainment ski resort with beginner and intermediate ski trails. Skiers can walk through 3 Russian castles and experience a unique way of skiing in a loop. The ski resort has complete functions, complete facilities, and professional coaches, and it is suitable for family and group skating.

St Sofia Orthodox Church

St Sofia Orthodox Church is famous in Harbin. “Sofia” means “wisdom” in Greek. Designed by Russian architect Kyasikov, the Harbin St. Sophia Church is a magnificent representative of the Byzantine architecture.

The night view of St Sofia Orthodox Church is super beautiful, with layers of bicolor and gold in the night sky, under the deep night sky. There are very few people at night, so it is very suitable for shooting night scenes. The church is open during the day, but you need to buy tickets, which is also very convenient at the gate. The church has been transformed into a history museum, introducing the history of various stages of Harbin. But the dimly lit walls still revealed the mark of the past. If you are interested, you can buy the postcards in the church.

It you go there by bus, it is still quite convenient, because there are a lot of bus stations in the surrounding area, and there is a big shopping mall opposite. There is a beautiful building next to the big square. Although the church is surrounded, its charm still can’t be covered.This is a typical onion-style building of the Russian Orthodox Church. Under the moonlight, with the lighting effect, most of the outlines can still be seen.

St Sofia Orthodox Church is definitely worth a visit. It is a strong Russian-style Orthodox church. The lobby is bright and the interior is exquisite and beautiful. The original style is well preserved. The square is also very spacious and tidy. The square pigeons on the side also like to be close by people, if you spend 3 yuan to buy some grain, you can get in touch with these cute little elves to play with them or take photos with them. In short, St Sofia Orthodox Church is very suitable for the family tour.

The Sun Island Scenic Spot

Sun Island Scenic Spot is the first destination of your Harbin tour and it is a national AAAAA level scenic spot. Sun Island is located in the Songhua River. If you want to go to the island, you can choose three methods: taking the ferry, taking the bus from the bridge, or taking the cable car. Each one has a different perspective to view the Sun Island Scenic Spot. And a lot of people choose going there by ferry. The Sun Island is quite large, and the whole is free, but the Aquarium, Sun Island Scenic Area, and Russian-style town are all charged separately. The air inside the scenic spot is very good, the greening is also good, and from time to time you can see the thick Russian architecture.

The area of the Sun Island is still large, and you will generally be very tired if you walk around in the scenic spot, and it is recommended to enter from the main entrance, after the docking bridge, you can spend 20 yuan to take the battery car to visit around. In addition, there is a bicycle for 80 yuan an hour, and renting a battery car will cost 150 yuan/hour, which is very expensive and it is not suggested.

Although the sun island is large, there are many attractions, the classic attractions include the sun waterfall, and the squirrel island. So many visitors may think that the squirrel should run all over the place before they go there, but in fact, they are in the cages!

Various people think that the Sun Island scenery is good, and it is suitable for walking, picnic inside (not firing).

You can visit the Sun Island Scenic Spot for 2 hours, then you can go out from Gate 3, go to the Russian town, and take a boat ride along the river. If you go there early, you can finish your tour there in the morning.

Whether it is Heilongjiang people, or friends from other provinces to play in Heilongjiang, Sun Island as a business card, is highly recommended for your Harbin Tour.

Central Street

Going to Harbin to travel, you must go to the Central Street. Central Street is located in Harbin, the music capital which is known as “Oriental Little Paris”. It is currently the largest and longest pedestrian street in Asia. Now it is the most prosperous commercial street in Harbin. European style is designed for the European-style architectures on the Central Street. The architectural style that was formed in the history of Western-style architecture for hundreds of years makes Central Street the most famous street in the Far East. Known as “Harbin No. 1 Street”, the central street has become a beautiful landscape in Harbin with its unique European architecture, exquisite boutique shopping malls, flowery leisure communities and colorful cultural life. The night of the pedestrian street is full of brilliance, and visitors can be seen here and there, which makes the special feature that fully reflects the functions of tourism, shopping, entertainment and leisure.

It is also a landmark, and an old street of just the right length in Harbin. The night view of central street in winter is smashed by the cold wind, and the uneven brick surface is the main road. The sidewalks on both sides are planted with trees and are decorated with the chandeliers. There are a variety of Russian merchandise stores, and the famous Modern cold drink shop in China and abroad is always full of people. The Portman West Restaurant and the Tadous West Restaurant also offer you the romantic dining experience that you would like to enter but don’t want to leave.

If you are lucky enough to encounter the ice sculpture process, the exquisite ice sculptures are the objects of many tourists’ self-portraits, which will undoubtedly add more charm to the oriental Moscow. All in all, Central Street is a street features beautiful scenery, delicious food. It is really worthy your visit there.

Siberian Tiger Park

Harbin’s Siberian Tiger Park is the world’s largest breeding base for the Siberian Tiger. In addition to many Siberian Tiger, there are white tigers, lions, ligers, jaguars, wolves and other beasts. People can learn about all aspects of the life of the Siberian Tiger by visiting the car garage area and the pedestrian zone.

After entering the park, firstly you can take a special vehicle with an iron fence to enter the sightseeing car area. You will see the Siberian tigers in groups or alone. You can also see white tigers, lions and other beasts. Visitors can buy live chickens to feed the tigers, then watch the wild scenes of the tigers rushing up to eat.

After about 20 minutes of driving, the vehicle arrives at the pedestrian zone. The main thing is to look at the Siberian tigers in the cage, and other animals such as lions and leopards, and you can observe their lives at close quarters, and see the little tigers. In the pedestrian zone, you can buy meat strips to feed the beasts in the cage. Don’t forget to record this process with your camera.

At the entrance of the Siberian Tiger Park, there is also a free open Siberian Tiger Science Museum, which displays various specimens, pictures and texts about the Siberian Tiger Park. Here you can learn more about this precious species.

There are live chickens for sale in the park (about 60 yuan/piece) and beef strips (about 20 yuan/piece) for tourists to feed the tigers. The scene that tigers eating the live chickens can be seen on the sightseeing car, but because the iron fence blocks the sight, it is inconvenient to take photos. If you want to take the photos of feeding the tiger, it is recommended to buy a meat strip to feed the tiger in the pedestrian zone.

The Ice and Snow World

If you arrive at the Ice and Snow World at about 14:00 pm, it will be just right, because the lights in the garden will only be on after 16:30, and when the weather is the warmest at 14:00 pm, you can take some photos of the ice lights.

Then you can watch the “Harbin Ice Performance” at 17:00, this performance is so wonderful that you cannot miss it. Playing outside in the Ice and Snow World for more than 2 hours is already the limit, and it will begin to get cold when the sun goes down, so you can ease yourself by watching the performance inside; and this performance is not bad. It was played by a French team, which is still famous. The show lasts about 40 minutes, and when you come out, it is time that all the ice lights are open, and it is so dazzling.

Ice and snow World temperature will be much lower than outside, so try to wear more clothes. There are a variety of exciting and fun projects such as ultra-long ice slides and snow circles etc. Many people line up. If you want to experience all the projects there, try to come early. The Ice and Snow World opens at 11:00 am and closes at 21:00 pm. Not so many people there at the beginning of the morning, so you can have fun.

During the day, the ice and snow world has a general effect, and mainly for playing projects. At 16:00 o’clock in the afternoon, the lights are turned on, because it is already dark, and the ice and snow world after the lights turned on like the new world. The ice sculptures are magnificent, exquisite, colorful and beautiful. There are many unexpected ice sculptures inside. There is large ice sculpture which looks like a castle that allows visitors to go on and watch it. There are also small ice sculptures that are carved into various interesting patterns or meanings. This is a very large amount of engineering. If you have the chance, you should witness the grandeur of it.