Central Street

Going to Harbin to travel, you must go to the Central Street. Central Street is located in Harbin, the music capital which is known as “Oriental Little Paris”. It is currently the largest and longest pedestrian street in Asia. Now it is the most prosperous commercial street in Harbin. European style is designed for the European-style architectures on the Central Street. The architectural style that was formed in the history of Western-style architecture for hundreds of years makes Central Street the most famous street in the Far East. Known as “Harbin No. 1 Street”, the central street has become a beautiful landscape in Harbin with its unique European architecture, exquisite boutique shopping malls, flowery leisure communities and colorful cultural life. The night of the pedestrian street is full of brilliance, and visitors can be seen here and there, which makes the special feature that fully reflects the functions of tourism, shopping, entertainment and leisure.

It is also a landmark, and an old street of just the right length in Harbin. The night view of central street in winter is smashed by the cold wind, and the uneven brick surface is the main road. The sidewalks on both sides are planted with trees and are decorated with the chandeliers. There are a variety of Russian merchandise stores, and the famous Modern cold drink shop in China and abroad is always full of people. The Portman West Restaurant and the Tadous West Restaurant also offer you the romantic dining experience that you would like to enter but don’t want to leave.

If you are lucky enough to encounter the ice sculpture process, the exquisite ice sculptures are the objects of many tourists’ self-portraits, which will undoubtedly add more charm to the oriental Moscow. All in all, Central Street is a street features beautiful scenery, delicious food. It is really worthy your visit there.

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