The Sun Island Scenic Spot

Sun Island Scenic Spot is the first destination of your Harbin tour and it is a national AAAAA level scenic spot. Sun Island is located in the Songhua River. If you want to go to the island, you can choose three methods: taking the ferry, taking the bus from the bridge, or taking the cable car. Each one has a different perspective to view the Sun Island Scenic Spot. And a lot of people choose going there by ferry. The Sun Island is quite large, and the whole is free, but the Aquarium, Sun Island Scenic Area, and Russian-style town are all charged separately. The air inside the scenic spot is very good, the greening is also good, and from time to time you can see the thick Russian architecture.

The area of the Sun Island is still large, and you will generally be very tired if you walk around in the scenic spot, and it is recommended to enter from the main entrance, after the docking bridge, you can spend 20 yuan to take the battery car to visit around. In addition, there is a bicycle for 80 yuan an hour, and renting a battery car will cost 150 yuan/hour, which is very expensive and it is not suggested.

Although the sun island is large, there are many attractions, the classic attractions include the sun waterfall, and the squirrel island. So many visitors may think that the squirrel should run all over the place before they go there, but in fact, they are in the cages!

Various people think that the Sun Island scenery is good, and it is suitable for walking, picnic inside (not firing).

You can visit the Sun Island Scenic Spot for 2 hours, then you can go out from Gate 3, go to the Russian town, and take a boat ride along the river. If you go there early, you can finish your tour there in the morning.

Whether it is Heilongjiang people, or friends from other provinces to play in Heilongjiang, Sun Island as a business card, is highly recommended for your Harbin Tour.

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