Hulishan Fortress

The Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area receives an average of millions of Chinese and foreign tourists each year, and has become a business card and window for Xiamen city. It is an important tourist attraction and patriotic education base in Xiamen.

If you take your child to Xiamen, the first stop can go to Zhongshan Road, the second stop to Gulangyu, and the third stop to Hulishan Fortress. The Hulishan Fortress is one of the children’s favorite places. The transportation is convenient. The lush trees on the mountain will let you feel very cool. Walking along the steps, you can see the introduction of the Krupp cannon and the fort. The scenic spot is not particularly large, and there are many of the cannons left in the past, as well as the performance of the artillery, to let the children know how the cannons of the past were launched. Here, you also can see a large banyan tree that is a single tree there, and you can see the Golden Gate on the fort. Tickets for the Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area are not expensive, as adults need 25 yuan/person, and children need half of the price. The greening of the scenic spot is very good, and it is especially good to see the scenery and learn the knowledge in Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area.

Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area as a base for patriotic education, its presentation is very interesting. There are also 4D cinemas and phantom imaging theaters. If you can get up early, you can catch up with the welcoming ceremony at 8:30 in the morning.

There are two Red Army artillery clearing exercise performances every day on 10:00 a.m. and 16:00 in the afternoon, reappearing the scene of the Qing soldiers performing the red rifle, which is quite shocking.

The most worthwhile highlight to see in the Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area is the imported Knub anti-aircraft gun. It features very punk style, and it is mechanical and exquisite. It is really a true portrayal of the country defense.

Wuyi Mountains

If you spend two days playing in the Wuyi Mountains, here are some tips for your itinerary there:

For the day 1, at noon, you can take the high-speed train to Wuyishan east station, then take the K1 bus, and arrive at the Vienna Hotel near the south gate of the scenic spot in 40 minutes. After the baggage, you can simply have lunch opposite the hotel. After the meal, take the electric three-wheeled to the scenic spot, which will cost around 10 yuan. After entering the Wuyi Mountains scenic area, take the tour bus to Tianyou peak in the Tianyou Peak direction. Tianyou Peak is the elite spot on the Wuyishan Road, the peak is high and the road is steep, and don’t forget enjoy the half-mountain view with the classic scenery. When you go down the mountain, just don’t go back the same way. The terrain is relatively flat, and you can take a sightseeing bus to the south gate of the scenic spot at 17:00 o’clock, and Wuyi Mountains will be closed at 18:00 o’clock. After dinner, you can visit the local tea farmer’s house and enjoy tea.

For the day 2, just get up early in the morning, go out at 8 o’clock from the north gate, enter the north gate of the scenic spot, take a shuttle bus to Huxiao Rock, which has two routes of the mountaineering and going downhill. After going down the HuXiao Rock, go straight to the first line sky to have a visit. For the bamboo rafting experience at noon, it is recommended spending 2 hours, then in the afternoon, take a visit to the Dahongpao and Water Curtain Cave.

2-day trip planning is still compact for your tour to Wuyi Mountains. The scenic area management is in place, no matter taking car or other aspects, they will leave you very good travel experience.

South Putuo Temple

Shanghai Zoo, formerly known as Xijiao Park, was founded in 1954. As the name card of Shanghai’s century-old history, it is one of the top ten national zoos in China and one of the second largest city zoos in China. The Shanghai Zoo, located at No. 2381 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai, is adjacent to Metro Line 10 and covers an area of 743,000 square meters. It has more than 400 species of animals on display and the houses that feeds the animals to display has 47,237 square meters.

The Shanghai Zoo has world-famous giant pandas which are known as “national treasures” and “living fossils”, as well as rare wild animals such as golden monkeys, South China tigers, and Chinese alligators, as well as representative animals from around the world such as gorillas, African lions, and giraffes. Polar bears, kangaroos, South American pelicans and other animals. At the same time, there are opportunities to get in touch with rare animals such as giant pandas and golden monkeys. The lovely alpaca, zebra and ecological garden complement each other, giving people the urge to take them home, and because of the convenient transportation, coming to the Shanghai Zoo during holidays to find childhood memories is a great choice.

In recent years, Shanghai Zoo has set up a city eco-zoo as its goal, and gradually transformed and built a visually accessible ecological animal exhibition area, so that visitors can feel like that they are in nature and enjoy the beauty of wildness. Since the opening of the zoo, the Shanghai Zoo has received nearly 160 million of tourists from the initial simple visits to the comprehensive park with four functions of entertainment, animal knowledge, scientific and technological research and wildlife protection. Featuring beautiful garden landscape, wonderful wildlife world, ecological wildlife exhibition area, harmony between people and animals, Shanghai Zoo will leave visitors with beautiful memories and love for nature.

Gulangyu Island

When you take a visit to the Gulangyu Island, buy the ferry ticket in advance, take a taxi to the ferry station, and you must remember to buy the ticket in advance, now you need register an account on Alipay together with the WeChat registration first, then after the Alipay registration you can login to WeChat to buy the ticket. You can be in advance as more as 15 days in advance to buy the tickets, which is 35 Yuan/person, and it is round-trip, you only need to show the ID card to go to the island, and you do not need to buy a ticket for the return, and also do not need to pick up the ticket.

It is said that in the morning of that very day, there are more tickets will be released, but when you catch up with the peak season, it is safer and better for you to buy tickets in advance for your Gulangyu Tour, and check the ticket half an hour in advance and wait for the boat to board the ship. There will be ferry for every 20 minutes. Go to Sanqiutian Wharf and Neicuoao Wharf. Remember to see which wharf is closer to your hotel in advance, don’t buy the wrong ticket. The whole ferry trip is only 20 minutes. The scenery of the whole Xiamen can be seen on the boat, which is really so beautiful. The sea breeze is very comfortable. Of course, the Gulangyu Island is full of expectations.

The snack street on the island is considered to be the most pleasant snack street. The service attitudes are super good and the street is very neat. You can taste all kinds of snacks there, including herbal tea for you to taste. There are all kinds of web celebrity stores, such as Miss Zhao’s shop, Zhang San Feng’s milk tea shop, Lin’s fish ball shop, Yip’s hemp Ci, Turkish ice cream and the like.

Gulangyu is very small, but the buildings on the island are very beautiful. You don’t need to go to any scenic spots. Just walk along the path, enjoy the evening sunset, or take a look at the distant Xiamen, Twin Towers, or enjoy the old building of the surroundings. With the quietness at this moment, you will relax yourself and enjoy the most beautiful journey.