Hulishan Fortress

The Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area receives an average of millions of Chinese and foreign tourists each year, and has become a business card and window for Xiamen city. It is an important tourist attraction and patriotic education base in Xiamen.

If you take your child to Xiamen, the first stop can go to Zhongshan Road, the second stop to Gulangyu, and the third stop to Hulishan Fortress. The Hulishan Fortress is one of the children’s favorite places. The transportation is convenient. The lush trees on the mountain will let you feel very cool. Walking along the steps, you can see the introduction of the Krupp cannon and the fort. The scenic spot is not particularly large, and there are many of the cannons left in the past, as well as the performance of the artillery, to let the children know how the cannons of the past were launched. Here, you also can see a large banyan tree that is a single tree there, and you can see the Golden Gate on the fort. Tickets for the Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area are not expensive, as adults need 25 yuan/person, and children need half of the price. The greening of the scenic spot is very good, and it is especially good to see the scenery and learn the knowledge in Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area.

Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area as a base for patriotic education, its presentation is very interesting. There are also 4D cinemas and phantom imaging theaters. If you can get up early, you can catch up with the welcoming ceremony at 8:30 in the morning.

There are two Red Army artillery clearing exercise performances every day on 10:00 a.m. and 16:00 in the afternoon, reappearing the scene of the Qing soldiers performing the red rifle, which is quite shocking.

The most worthwhile highlight to see in the Hulishan Fortress Scenic Area is the imported Knub anti-aircraft gun. It features very punk style, and it is mechanical and exquisite. It is really a true portrayal of the country defense.

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