Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Area

Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Area refers to the area along the Qinhuai River with the Confucius Temple as the center, including streets and lanes on both sides of the bank, residential buildings, nearby historic sites, and scenic spots.

This area has been one of the more prosperous places in Nanjing since ancient times, and it is also a must-see for many tourists who come to Nanjing. Here you can not only see the historical buildings of the ancient capital Nanjing, but also eat authentic Qinhuai snacks. Here you can go deep into the streets or go boating on the Qinhuai River, and experience the local customs on the river from different perspectives. At night, colorful lights are lit up everywhere in the scenic area, which is extremely brilliant, and “Night Park Qinhuai” is even more wonderful.

The cuisine of Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Area is also a major feature. There are teahouse restaurants and street food, among which the “Qinhuai Eight Wonders” are worth trying. This area is also a lively commercial area, with various shops, featuring characteristic traditional souvenirs and fashionable gadgets. You can choose some favorite items as souvenirs.

If you want to go boating in the Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Area, you can board the boat at the pier opposite to the Confucius Temple. There are scenic spots explanation on the boat, and you can admire the scenery and learn about historical stories at the same time.

In general, the scenery and quaint buildings on both sides of the Qinhuai River are very distinctive. At present, the Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Area, with the Confucius Temple as the center and the integration of temples and streets, is the cultural activities center that is integrating culture, tourism, shopping, and services together, and it is well worth a visit.

Qinghai-tibet Plateau Wildlife Park

Qinghai-tibet Plateau Wildlife Park is a zoo with beautiful scenery and it is located in Xishan of Xining. There are more than 200 animals in captivity in the park. Although the number is not much when compared with zoos in other cities, there are snow leopards, Procapra przewalskii, desert cats, wild yaks and other unique animals of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which are rare in other cities. Whether in the grasslands, lakes, or at the foot of snow-capped mountains, there are Tibetan wild donkeys everywhere. It takes about 3-4 hours to watch them all.

The most important thing in the park is the wild animal breeding area. The plank road has been built here. Visitors can watch the beasts up close on the plank road. There is a little distance from the gate of the park to the plank road. You can also choose to take a car, which costs about a few Yuan. You can also choose to take a battery car when visiting the herbivore area and rare bird hall, but the distance is not too far.

The aquarium in the park charges a separate fee and you can watch some marine animals. However, the scale of this aquarium is not large and cannot be compared with aquariums in many cities. There are also children’s amusement projects such as carousels and bumper cars in the zoo, which is suitable for children to come and play.

Because Xining does not produce altitude sickness, Qinghai-tibet Plateau Wildlife Park has become a place where most people can get more intimate understanding and contact with plateau creatures. In addition to ordinary small animals, the most famous and most anticipated animals here are the various plateau-specific animals. Tickets to the Qinghai-tibet Plateau Wildlife Park are not expensive. If you have enough time, it is suggested that you take a visit here.