Peak Flown From Afar

Peak Flown From Afar, is also known as Vulture Peak. Peak Flown From Afar is 168 meters high and the mountain is made of limestone. Peak Flown From Afar because of the long-term erosion of groundwater, has formed many fantastic and varied caves, such as Longhong Cave, Jade Breast Cave, Shexu Cave, and Huyuan Cave. It is very legendary. Peak Flown From Afar’s rocks have different styles, some look like the dragon, some look like the rushing elephant, some look like lying tiger, some look like horror, which make the Peak Flown From Afar look like the stone zoo. Old trees and ancient vines on the mountain are tangled; the rock bones are exposed and the peaks are outstanding. According to predecessors, Peak Flown From Afar used to have 72 holes, but because of the long history, most of them have disappeared. The only remaining holes are concentrated on the southeast side of Peak Flown From Afar.

Peak Flown From Afar faces the slopes of Lingyin Temple. It is a Buddhist cave statue from the Five Dynasties, with more than 340 statues. It is a rare ancient stone art treasure in the south of China. It is comparable to the Sichuan Dazu Rock Carvings. The Peak Flown From Afar stone in Lingyin Temple has rare art treasure. What particularly striking is the Maitreya Buddha, which is a large statue in the Peak Flown From Afar, and it is a masterpiece of the art of the Song Dynasty.

When you visit Peak Flown From Afar, you will see many strange stones, ancient trees and secluded caves in this mountain. The landscape of Peak Flown From Afar in Lingyin Temple is very different from the surrounding peaks. In the deep Buddhist atmosphere of Lingyin Temple and Peak Flown From Afar, you can find and enjoy the charm of Buddhist art, and the rich historical and cultural charm between the mountains and rivers.

Thousand Islets Lake

In recent years, Thousand Islets Lake has developed a cluster of high-star resort hotels. Thousand Islets Lake Kaiyuan Resort, Sheraton Greentown Resort, Zhejiang Travel Intimate Island Resort, Wanxiang Intercontinental Hotel, and Binjiang Hilton Hotel have been completed, and well-known brand hotels such as Banyan Tree Resort etc. are also under construction. By 2014, Thousand Islets Lake has more than 10 five-star resort hotels. High-end holiday products such as Thousand Islets Lake Yacht Club, Golf, Water Recreation Center, Self-driving Camping Base, and Mountain Culture Park are also growing. Thousand Islets Lake is moving towards an international travel and leisure resort.

How to play in the Thousand Islets Lake? The boats there are fully equipped with a powered Cummins engine, large space in the cabin, air conditioning, TV, stereo, sofa etc. The top of the boat has an open bridge sightseeing platform to photography and enjoy the scenery of Thousand Islets Lake. The speed is 17-25 kilometers, which is quick and convenient. It is suitable for small-scale tours such as self-driving tour, free travel, family meetings and business meetings.

Description of the boat route: The tour includes all five islands that open in the central lake area such as Meifeng Island, Monkey Island, Fish Island, Longshan Island, Moonlight Island. Different from the group tour, the tour time of the tourists on the island coordinate with each other to achieve basic freedom.

The Center Lake District leisure boats of the Thousand Islets Lake are 20 small yachts, which will visit the Meihu Island, Moonlight Island, Yule Island and Longshan Island Scenic Area in the central lake area.

Thousand Islets Lake is located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province. There are more than 1,000 islands in the lake, which are just like the stars in the sky. Beautiful scenery there makes it refreshing. And if you don’t go there during the holidays, the invincible lake view room only takes more than 200 Yuan/night, which is really very cheap. Thousand Islets Lake is really worthy your visit.

Mountain Putuo

As one of the four famous mountains of Buddhism, Mountain Putuo is still worth a visit. The area of the scenic spot is very large, with mountains and seas, and rich Buddhist culture. If you just view the scenery, and don’t go to Luojia Hills, then spending 1 day there is enough, but you have to stay in the vicinity of the Wugongzhi pier one day in advance, and go there earlier and come back late. The first boat is around 6:20, and return to Shenjiamen Wharf before 17:00 pm. Then you can also catch up with the bus back to Shanghai or Hangzhou. If you want to play very well, you have to live on the island for a day. Although the Zhoushan Islands cannot pass the high-speed rail, the road traffic is very convenient. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo can directly reach the passenger transportation center or the terminal. It should be noted that there are two Putuo tourism distribution centers on the map, which are generally long-distance passenger stations to Zhoushan North.

Mountain Putuo as the famous dojo of Guanyin Bodhisattva, has attracted many people coming here to burn incense and worship Buddha. The whole Putuo Mountain is full of incense smoke, and the Buddha’s voice is very pleasant. Of course, sightseeing and leisure travel here are also good, but it is very expensive to eat there, and seafood is not cheap. It is also a good experience to enjoy the sunset and the beautiful scenery of the island, hike on the beach and listen to the waves in the Mount Putuo. Everything is beautiful, and there are a lot of convenience facilities, and the unified management is uniform.

In addition, the Guanyin Cave, Nanhai Guanyin, etc., are worth a visit if you have time, and in the summer, you can go to Baibusha, Qianbusha to swim and cool down. After all, Mount Putuo is not only a Buddhist holy place, but also a summer resort.

Six Harmonious Pagoda

There is a park in Six Harmonious Pagoda. There is a ruin of Kaihua Temple in the park and the temple is built in the same period as Six Harmonious Pagoda. There is a terrarium excavated from the ruins of the Southern Song Dynasty. There are relics such as the Imperial Monument of the Emperor Qianlong. There is an ancient tower exhibition hall in the park. The museum introduces the origin of Six Harmonious Pagoda, the development of the past generations; the evolution of the pagoda in Chinese history; introduces the structure and interior decoration of the Six Harmonious Pagoda. This introduction will also help you have more understanding of the Six Harmonious Pagoda. The “Six Harmonious Goldfish Garden” in the park introduces that Six Harmonious Pagoda is one of the birthplaces of goldfish. In the small open space nearby, there are some statues that introduce the allusions to Six Harmonious Pagoda. Next to it is the bell of the Six Harmonious Pagoda.

After visiting the Ancient Tower Pavilion and learning about Six Harmonious Pagoda, you can go to climb the tower and you can better explore and appreciate the ancient tower that was built in the Song Dynasty.

There is a security check if you take with a bag, and a lockable locker on the first floor is convenient for visitors. The steps in the tower are steep, and there are no handrails in some places. The elderly must pay special attention when you are climbing the Six Harmonious Pagoda, especially when you get off the stairs.

The Six Harmonious Pagoda has 13 floors when you look from outside, but it actually has 7 floors. On each floor, you can see from afar. The highest floor is to enjoy the sight of Hangzhou Six Harmonious Pagoda. You will see a majestic modern two-story railway and highway bridge flying over the Qiantang River. This is the first self-designed Qiantang river bridge in China’s history and it was designed and built by a famous Chinese scientist, Mr. MAO Yisheng.

Nanxun Watertown

For the Jiangnan water town, you will feel it an ancient town when you are passing through. Many times, the Jiangnan water towns in our minds are often occupied by small bridges and water, and are monopolized by powder walls. In fact, the same ancient town, with different foundations, has an unusual cultural charm. The essence of Nanxun is that it was the bud of Chinese capitalism. Nanxun Watertown is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, Huzhou, and it is rich in silk and has the best quality. The Nanxun people have long been rich in silk and become wealthy giants. Because of the rich, there is an opportunity to go abroad and get in touch with Western society. Because of the sedimentation, every stone and bridge, brick and watt, is more and more heavy under the influence of historical atmosphere, but in any case, Nanxun Ancient Town is a place worth visiting.

For the meal and accommodation in Nanxun Ancient Town

There are also several hand workshops on the street where you can buy local specialties and snacks. Along the Nandong Street, after passing through the Silk Industry Hall, the right-hand side is the Bianmin Road. There are many snack bars on the road, especially the noodle restaurants. You can taste a bowl of noodles with the Jiangnan characteristics.

If you want to stay in Nanxun for one night, you can choose the special inn there. The Liuyinlu Inn on the east side of the Baijian Building was rebuilt in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It has front and back courtyards and is an authentic garden house, which is very famous, and the price of the standard room is about 200 Yuan/night. On the east side, there are also several inns which are built along the river, and they are simple and elegant. However, the price of accommodation in the ancient town should be slightly higher. If you want to stay at a cheap price, you can walk for ten minutes to Tai’an Road or Tongxin Road next to the ancient town. There are many hotels and the prices are quite affordable.

Meijiawu Tea Plantation

Meijiawu is connected to the only mountain road in the city Longjing, where you can see bicycles, cars and pedestrians. Inadvertently, there will be a low-speed sports car whistling, and you will often see a masked man wearing helmet and tight clothes and passing by. However, in their vision, the green is like a running water. Only walking on foot there can you make a detailed view. The roadside children play in the water happily. The new people join hands to meet the sweet smile of the sun. The tourists look down the load and look up the sky. And the old man walks on the flat mountain road with his bag on his shoulder. Compared to this unchanging forest, the walking pedestrians are like flowing water, the constant thing is every tree here, and every tea plantation stands quietly here, watching the quietness of Hangzhou in the changing colors and length of the sky. In the afternoon, the clouds are awesome. When there is wind, the leaves are shaking. When it rains, it is dripping into the river. In different seasons, you can always see its different beauty. Meijiawu is a place where you are willing to take the time to date it.

Meijiawu is the place where you would like to buy Longjing tea. If it is a weekend, the road is crowded with vehicles that come to the mountain. The tea houses and farmhouses run by the local villagers are full of visitors. You can see the tea farmers holding the wok along the way and frying the green tea with their hands to make the well-looking and fragrant Longjing tea.

The authentic Longjing tea of Meijiawu, the charming porcelain of Longquan cave dwelling, the warm hospitality of the local people, all of them will make your trip to Meijiawu full of joy. In fact, in addition to enjoying those processes from drinking tea, there is peace. You will like it.

Xitang Ancient Town

In particular, it is important to emphasize that after 16:30 on weekdays in Xitang Scenic Area, and after 21:00 on holidays, you can enter into the Xitang Ancient Town free of charge. You can enter and leave at will. If you want to save your time, you can consider your own time. The attractions of the joint ticket are actually not good-looking, it is mainly walking around the ancient town to enjoy the scenery of Jiangnan water town. You can choose to drink tea in the teahouse by the river, chat with your friends, watch the water town landscape, relax your mood, or you can choose a music restaurant to feel the leisure of the folk songs. You can freely slow down your pace, walk and stop to feel the charm of the ancient town; you can also live in the ancient town for one night to experience the changes in the ancient town. The food inside the ancient town is not too expensive, not as scary as that of the general scenic spot, and you can taste the snacks there.

The interesting thing of Xitang is that you can take beautiful photos, although there are so many people from morning till night, you can take a very nice picture when you go to the bridge.

The Xitang ancient town is the representative of the Jiangnan water town. It is very nice and beautiful. There are water, boats, and bridges. It’s a bit like the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival. It’s very nice. The night view is also very beautiful. It’s very lively. Of course, there are many people here. The food is also second to none. Many delicious gourmets, including whitewater fish, lotus chicken, sauce-fried screws. You can eat at the restaurant in Xitang’s Mengli Water Village. The taste is very good. And you trip will be very good.

Wuzhen Water Town

Wuzhen is still pretty, I think the most beautiful time is early morning, and evening, and from around 9:00 am to noon there are the least people in the scenic spot as it is hot, after all, but it is convenient for you to take pictures as you don’t feel very crowded. The Wuzhen Theatre is also very local. The old people inside are here to listen to the drama every day. Although you maybe can’t understand the Jiangnan dialect, the songs they sing are also very good. The snacks in Wuzhen are not expensive, and the lamb noodles are highly recommended as the Lamb is super delicious! The onion steamed stuffed bun is also very cheap, which is around 2 Yuan. Be sure to go to the theater to listen to the drama, to keep quiet, or you will be criticized, the tea inside costs 5 Yuan/cup.

Wuzhen Water Town is mainly divided into two banks: East Bank and West Bank. The scenery of West Bank is more beautiful than that of East Bank. The scenery of East Bank is similar to that of local residents. Old Street does not require tickets. Then West Bank is larger than East Bank, you can spend a day in it, but East Bank just takes around an hour to finish your trip there.

The night view of West Bank is also very beautiful, and you will usually take a look at the night scene at West Bank. Of course, if you live in the West Bank area, you don’t need it. However, the price of staying for one night in West Bank may be more expensive than the outside. The surrounding small bar and some snack bar decoration are very emotional, the cost is reasonable, and not too expensive.

When you make your tour to Wuzhen Water Town, don’t forget to stay one night in the West Bank to appreciate the beautiful night view there. You will feel it enjoyable and captivating.

LingYin Temple

Lingyin Temple, also known as Yunlin Temple, has a history of about 1,700 years and is the earliest famous temple in Hangzhou. Backed by the North Peak, facing the Feilai Peak, the ancient temples in the mountains are beautifully attractive.

For the Lingyin Temple, the environment is really great, the mountain is not very high, so you can easily climb to the top. The air is fresh and quiet, and you can see the little squirrels jumping around and enjoying the place! Lingyin Temple is an excellent place for self-cultivation. Located in the downtown area, the mountain is even more chilly in autumn.

Lingyin Temple is very famous in Hangzhou. It is full of incense, and many non-Hangzhou citizens also come here to burn incense and worship Buddha. There will be a free day to send savory porridge. Many people specially line up to get porridge on the day to wish for good luck. Lingyin Temple has a long history and is an ancient temple. It has a history of more than 1,700 years and is one of the top ten ancient Buddhist temples in China.

Different from the style of the red wall and gold tile of the temples in the northern China, the color style of Lingyin Temple is yellow wall and black tile. The vivid color collides, which makes people have a clear feeling. Perhaps because of this reason, Lingyin Temple gradually becomes one of the must-see attractions in Hangzhou. And you will just feel that walking through the ancient temple unconsciously has a sense of solemnity, the interest in taking pictures is also less. It is a temple, but for many travelers, they think it is a park, because the scenery inside is really good. Especially when you arrive at the top of the mountain, you can see the whole Hangzhou city.

West Lake

The West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, covering an area of 6.39 square kilometers, about 2.8 kilometers wide from east to west, 3.2 kilometers long from north to south, and it is nearly 15 kilometers around the lake. The lake is separated by Gushan, Bai Causeway, Su Causeway and Yanggong Causeway. According to the size of the area, there are five water faces, namely, West Lake, Xili Lake, Beili Lake, Small South Lake and Yue Lake. Su Causeway and Bai Causeway cross the lake, The three small islands of Small yingzhou, Mid-Lake Pavilion and Ruan Gong Islet stand in the heart of the outside West Lake. The Leifeng Pagoda in Xizhao Mountain and the Baochu Pagoda in the Gem Mountain are separated by the lake, thus forming the basic pattern of “One Mountain, Two Towers, Three Islands, Three Causeways and Five Lakes”.

West Lake is really beautiful. Her beauty is not only the beauty of scenery, but also the beauty of a hidden story. For the first time to come to West Lake, it is best to choose to go to the point of greatest interest and to go to more places in a limited time. In addition, the use of bicycles is also excellent, saving time and you won’t feel too tired. If you want to be quiet and comfortable for visiting the West Lake, I suggest you come early. It’s really pleasant to come to the West Lake at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning. Almost no one is there during that time. At 9:00, the tour group and the visitors have come.

Just keep in mind that when you are to come to the West Lake, do prepare for some snacks and food in case of feeling hungry. West Lake is really beautiful, it is worth visiting at any time and every season. If it is the first time to have a trip in West Lake, it is best to do a good job about search some travel guide on West Lake in advance. Of course, it is a pleasant surprise also without any preparation ahead.