Thousand Islets Lake

In recent years, Thousand Islets Lake has developed a cluster of high-star resort hotels. Thousand Islets Lake Kaiyuan Resort, Sheraton Greentown Resort, Zhejiang Travel Intimate Island Resort, Wanxiang Intercontinental Hotel, and Binjiang Hilton Hotel have been completed, and well-known brand hotels such as Banyan Tree Resort etc. are also under construction. By 2014, Thousand Islets Lake has more than 10 five-star resort hotels. High-end holiday products such as Thousand Islets Lake Yacht Club, Golf, Water Recreation Center, Self-driving Camping Base, and Mountain Culture Park are also growing. Thousand Islets Lake is moving towards an international travel and leisure resort.

How to play in the Thousand Islets Lake? The boats there are fully equipped with a powered Cummins engine, large space in the cabin, air conditioning, TV, stereo, sofa etc. The top of the boat has an open bridge sightseeing platform to photography and enjoy the scenery of Thousand Islets Lake. The speed is 17-25 kilometers, which is quick and convenient. It is suitable for small-scale tours such as self-driving tour, free travel, family meetings and business meetings.

Description of the boat route: The tour includes all five islands that open in the central lake area such as Meifeng Island, Monkey Island, Fish Island, Longshan Island, Moonlight Island. Different from the group tour, the tour time of the tourists on the island coordinate with each other to achieve basic freedom.

The Center Lake District leisure boats of the Thousand Islets Lake are 20 small yachts, which will visit the Meihu Island, Moonlight Island, Yule Island and Longshan Island Scenic Area in the central lake area.

Thousand Islets Lake is located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province. There are more than 1,000 islands in the lake, which are just like the stars in the sky. Beautiful scenery there makes it refreshing. And if you don’t go there during the holidays, the invincible lake view room only takes more than 200 Yuan/night, which is really very cheap. Thousand Islets Lake is really worthy your visit.

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