Mountain Putuo

As one of the four famous mountains of Buddhism, Mountain Putuo is still worth a visit. The area of the scenic spot is very large, with mountains and seas, and rich Buddhist culture. If you just view the scenery, and don’t go to Luojia Hills, then spending 1 day there is enough, but you have to stay in the vicinity of the Wugongzhi pier one day in advance, and go there earlier and come back late. The first boat is around 6:20, and return to Shenjiamen Wharf before 17:00 pm. Then you can also catch up with the bus back to Shanghai or Hangzhou. If you want to play very well, you have to live on the island for a day. Although the Zhoushan Islands cannot pass the high-speed rail, the road traffic is very convenient. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo can directly reach the passenger transportation center or the terminal. It should be noted that there are two Putuo tourism distribution centers on the map, which are generally long-distance passenger stations to Zhoushan North.

Mountain Putuo as the famous dojo of Guanyin Bodhisattva, has attracted many people coming here to burn incense and worship Buddha. The whole Putuo Mountain is full of incense smoke, and the Buddha’s voice is very pleasant. Of course, sightseeing and leisure travel here are also good, but it is very expensive to eat there, and seafood is not cheap. It is also a good experience to enjoy the sunset and the beautiful scenery of the island, hike on the beach and listen to the waves in the Mount Putuo. Everything is beautiful, and there are a lot of convenience facilities, and the unified management is uniform.

In addition, the Guanyin Cave, Nanhai Guanyin, etc., are worth a visit if you have time, and in the summer, you can go to Baibusha, Qianbusha to swim and cool down. After all, Mount Putuo is not only a Buddhist holy place, but also a summer resort.

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