ChimeLong Tourist Resort

ChimeLong Tourist Resort is located in Panyu, Guangzhou. Known as “China’s most international wildlife park”, it is the largest wildlife theme park in the world with the most species. It is an awesome scenic spot that attracts so many people having travel there. There are many kinds of animals, there are many shows, and you can play for a day there. It’s quite good.

It’s not very far from the subway station. You can take the line 3 and get off at Hanxi ChimeLong Station, and there is an indication to follow after you get out of the subway to arrive at the South Gate. The South Gate also has a convenient place to collect tickets. It’s not too far to go from the south gate to the vertical roller coaster project, which is very exciting and worth your experience. The performances of the various theaters are very exciting. In general, it’s a happy tour to the ChimeLong Tourist Resort.

The Chimelong Happy World is worth a visit. There are more than 20 game facilities in the park, which is suitable for traveling with family, to make the holidays relaxing. This is a good place to have fun. However, the queue time is also about an hour, so don’t remember to take a charging treasure for your mobile phone. Of course, the result of waiting will not disappoint you, and just bring your screams to ChimeLong!

The ChimeLong Wildlife Park is very famous. You will meet many animals that have never been seen before. The environment is enjoyable, the scenery is pleasant, the animals are cute, and the service of the staff is very good.

There are hotels, wildlife world, water world, happy world, crocodile park, and large circus. It is a very well-planned resort. It can basically be played for 2 days. The water world is only suitable for summer play. The ChimeLong construction plan is very considerable and very distinctive.