Nalati Tourist Scenic Area

The grasslands of Nalati Tourist Scenic Area are subalpine meadow plant areas, which is one of the four major grasslands in the world. It is located on the northern slope of the Nalati Mountains. It consists of the following three parts: the aerial grassland, the river valley grassland, and the Nalati National Forest Park. The total planned area of the Nalati Tourist Scenic Area is 960 square kilometers. The scenic area is composed of high mountain grassland sightseeing area, Kazakh folk customs area and tourist living area from south to north.

Nalati grassland has been a famous pasture since the ancient times. With flat river valleys, high peaks, deep gorges, lush forests, and grassland stretches, they are combined with local Kazakh folk customs to become a resort for sightseeing, excursions, scientific investigations, leisure and entertainment, and summer resorts.

Every year from June to September, the Nalati tourist scenic area is green, and there are wild flowers in full bloom. The climate is very suitable. The river valleys, mountains, deep gorges, and forests complement each other. In summer, Kazakh herdsmen come to alpine meadows, set up a yurt, and graze cattle and sheep. Summer is also the most beautiful season on the grassland. After June of each year, large groups of livestock move in and enter the golden season of the grassland. Folklore activities are often held here so you can experience the Kazakh folk customs.

The Nalati prairie is located in Xinyuan County, Yili, Xinjiang. This is also the most beautiful place in Yili. Everywhere is beautiful landscape and blue sky. Flocks of cattle and sheep are on the grass, which is very impressive. There are also various wildflowers. The beautiful grassland scenery, snowy mountains, wildflowers, forests, canyons, cattle, and sheep make up a beautiful picture with a panoramic view.