West Sea Grand Canyon

It is said that half of Huangshan’s ticket fee belongs to that of the West Sea Grand Canyon. That is to say, if you don’t go to the West Sea Grand Canyon, you are already losing half of it. The West Sea Grand Canyon has two entrances: one is to enter from the Paiyun Pavilion, and it takes about two hours to reach the bottom of the canyon; the other is to enter from Buxian Bridge and it takes three or four hours to reach the bottom of the canyon. In addition, you can also take the subway tram up and down the canyon, one way 100 yuan. Most people will choose to enter from the Paiyun Pavilion. Those who are physically fit can walk to the bottom of the canyon and then go up by car. If you don’t want to waste money, you can return to the original position after you have finished the first ring view. There is no need to go to the bottom. Because the scenery below is almost the same, you have basically view it after finishing the first ring.

The West Sea Grand Canyon is one of the most thrilling and beautiful canyons among the Huangshan Mountains. There are many mountain roads. It is recommended that you give priority to taking the cable car up. Of course, if you are willing, you can choose to climb up step by step. The scenery here is really amazing. Please be sure to go there and feel the wonders of nature. The biggest feature of the West Sea Grand Canyon is to see the various strange stones on the edge of the canyon. However, due to the topographical structure, more than two-thirds of the year is foggy in the canyon. Even if you encounter foggy weather, you can still faintly see the magnificent scenery in the canyon.

At different times, the scenery of the West Sea Grand Canyon is different. If there are few tourists, the ropeway does not need to be lined up. You can adjust the route according to your physical strength. The scenery of the West Sea Grand Canyon is superb, which is like the love song of the West Sea, and it is like a dream! It is a must-see attraction for the Yellow Mountains.

Xidi Ancient Village

Xidi, a village in southern Anhui, is a typical Huizhou ancient village. The preservation is still very complete. There are still many people living in it now. The scenic spot is not big, there is a special tour guide at the entrance, which gives people a good feeling, and it is free of charge to listen to the instruction of the scenic spot. The cultural elements of each building are well worth listening to.

Xidi, which is more than ten kilometers away from Hongcun, is another world cultural heritage of the ancient village of Anhui. After going to Hongcun Ancient Village, you can visit to Xidi village which is surrounded by the mountains. Xidi and Hongcun Village are the world’s cultural heritage. They are the two most representative ancient villages in the southern part of Anhui. They are surrounded by idyllic scenery, and they are featuring the well-preserved village forms, exquisite craftsmanship and rich historical and cultural connotations. And they are all famous attractions. For Xidi Village, you can mainly view its architecture; but for Hongcun Ancient Village, you can mainly enjoy the scenery of water there. Some people feel that Hongcun is beautiful, there is a kind of simple beauty, which is quietly flowing the ancient culture with spirituality. But there are also many people who prefer to visit the Xidi Ancient Village.

The price of snacks which are sold in the scenic spot is acceptable. The overall feeling of commercial atmosphere is not particularly strong. It is worthwhile to visit it is you like the Huizhou residential buildings.

The architecture of the Hui School is beautiful and worthy of careful viewing. Especially in the misty rain, the clear stone road cannot help but think of the rain lane, and there is a beautiful sense of sight. The old houses here are full of stories. When you slowly taste, and understanding its history is one of the fun. In addition, the ship in Xidi Ancient Village is a long, and it is very stop-and-go. And you will enjoy taking photos in the alley in Xidi Ancient Town.

Hongcun Ancient Village

Hongcun Ancient Village is located in the village of Anhui Province and the ancient Huizhou area. Hongcun is the most famous place and a place of world cultural heritage. From the bus station next to Huangshan North Station, you can take the bus with a fare of 30 yuan and go straight to the west gate of Hongcun Ancient Village. Entering the scenic spot from the west gate, you can walk to the southeast entrance of Hongcun Scenic Area. There, there will be an interpreter who introduces Hongcun for tourists free of charge every day, and you can follow the tour guide to take a trip to the village and listen to the historical allusions and customs of Hongcun Ancient Village. Then you will have more understanding of Huizhou culture. The whole process of the introduction will be about 1 hour. After listening to it, you can walk around the village to explore the charm there. Huizhou is a village with water.

The layout of the canal is shaped like a cow intestine, which is ingenious, and Nanhu and Moon Marsh are also places where many photographers gather. In the village, The Huizhou residential buildings can be seen everywhere. At night, several commercial streets near the Moon Marsh are also very lively.

Hongcun has a strong business atmosphere, but after all, it is convenient for tourists to eat, drink and live. Hongcun Ancient Village is named after the water system, and Nanhu and Moon Marsh are the places that must be visited. If you want to discover the beauty of Hongcun, it is recommended to stay for a day or two days, use the morning and evening time to avoid the noisy crowd, then walk quietly on the stone road, you will find that time is still, as if you are crossing. And your mood will be beautiful. It is rare to find a time to forget all the secular. Hope that Hongcun people can continue to preserve the customs and simplicity of Huizhou people.

The Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains is actually made up of a series of peaks, so it is not to just climb one mountain. It has a lot of peaks to climb, and there are many entrances, but most people choose to come to Tangkou Town. They can buy tickets at the scenic transfer center to take the bus. Taking the bus is the must thing to do for every climber, even if you are traveling by self-driving tour, you should park the car in the Tangkou and take the bus into the mountain. As for the choice of Qianshan (Ciguangge) or Houshan (Yungu Temple), it’s depending on everyone’s itinerary. Keep in mind that the front mountain is steep and there are more stairs. The back mountain is a little gentler, with less stairs, and it will be certainly a little more relaxed.

If you are a mountain climber or have enough physical strength, then climb the Yellow Mountains! I personally recommend taking the cable car to go up, which will be saving you a little time and physical strength, because there are more steps and peaks waiting for everyone to climb and come over. Be sure to take the cable car.

Huangshan scenery is absolutely beautiful! You will marvel at the magical charm of nature; how can it be so beautiful?


Tickets for the Huangshan scenic spot during Monday to Sunday from March 1st – November 30th: 230 RMB; Yungu/Taiping Cableway: 80 RMB; Yuping Cableway: 90 RMB; Xihai Grand Canyon Scenic Cable Car: 100 RMB.

Tickets for the Huangshan scenic spot during Monday to Sunday from December 1st – February 28th: 150 RMB; Yungu/Taiping Cableway: 65 RMB; Yuping Cableway: 75 RMB; Xihai Grand Canyon Scenic Cable Car: 80 RMB.


The specific price is: Yungu, Taiping cableway’s half-price is 40 yuan / piece in normal season and peak season, half-price of 35 yuan / piece in winter, Yuping cableway’s half-price 45 yuan / piece in normal season and peak season, half-price of 40 yuan / piece in winter; Xihai Grand Canyon sightseeing cable car’s half price is 50 yuan / piece in normal season and peak season, winter tour half price is 40 yuan / piece.