Hongcun Ancient Village

Hongcun Ancient Village is located in the village of Anhui Province and the ancient Huizhou area. Hongcun is the most famous place and a place of world cultural heritage. From the bus station next to Huangshan North Station, you can take the bus with a fare of 30 yuan and go straight to the west gate of Hongcun Ancient Village. Entering the scenic spot from the west gate, you can walk to the southeast entrance of Hongcun Scenic Area. There, there will be an interpreter who introduces Hongcun for tourists free of charge every day, and you can follow the tour guide to take a trip to the village and listen to the historical allusions and customs of Hongcun Ancient Village. Then you will have more understanding of Huizhou culture. The whole process of the introduction will be about 1 hour. After listening to it, you can walk around the village to explore the charm there. Huizhou is a village with water.

The layout of the canal is shaped like a cow intestine, which is ingenious, and Nanhu and Moon Marsh are also places where many photographers gather. In the village, The Huizhou residential buildings can be seen everywhere. At night, several commercial streets near the Moon Marsh are also very lively.

Hongcun has a strong business atmosphere, but after all, it is convenient for tourists to eat, drink and live. Hongcun Ancient Village is named after the water system, and Nanhu and Moon Marsh are the places that must be visited. If you want to discover the beauty of Hongcun, it is recommended to stay for a day or two days, use the morning and evening time to avoid the noisy crowd, then walk quietly on the stone road, you will find that time is still, as if you are crossing. And your mood will be beautiful. It is rare to find a time to forget all the secular. Hope that Hongcun people can continue to preserve the customs and simplicity of Huizhou people.

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