Luhuitou Park

Luhuitou Park is located in Luhuitou Peninsula, southwest of Sanya. The park is surrounded by the sea on three sides and adjacent to Sanya City. It is the commanding height of the viewing the sea and watching the sunrise and sunset. It is also a good place to overlook the panoramic view of Sanya. Luhuitou Park is famous for its deer sculptures. Standing in the Luhuitou Park, you can see the East Island and West Island on the South China Sea. The location of Luhuitou is a theme park with equal love culture and ecological display. The main attractions include Shunfengtai, Luyuan, slide, Ziqidonglai, Love Culture Park, Lizu song and dance performance, Luhuitou sculpture, Peak Garden, Beiting viewing platform etc., is also the core area of the Sanya urban forest vegetation nature reserve. It is an evergreen tropical rainforest ecological type with abundant plant species and many endemic species of national and Hainan provinces.

Luhuitou Park has a beautiful love story of Hainan Li nationality: a handsome young Li hunter in ancient times, with a red towel on his head, held a bow and arrow, crossed the ninety-nine mountains from Wuzhishan, crossed the ninety-nine rivers, to chase a deer came to the shore of the South China Sea. Under the cliffs in front, there is no way to go, the deer suddenly stopped, stood on the cliff and looked back, the deer’s eyes were clear and beautiful, bright and emotional, the young hunter put down his bow and arrow. Suddenly the fire flashed, the smoke vacated, and the deer turned back into a beautiful Li girl, who loved each other and got married and settled down. Then the park is called the Luhuitou Park.

Luhuitou Park is a classic downtown attraction from where you can overloo Sanya. There are more monkeys on the mountain, and the security guard will remind and help to drive the monkey. You can walk up without taking a sightseeing bus all the way, and the scenery is beautiful.

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