Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya

When you come to Sanya, wherever you believe god or not, you must take a visit of the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya. The 108-meter three-faced goddess of mercy is very shocking. The Nanhai sea goddess of mercy is also worthy your visit. The scenic spot is very big. You can easily travel all around there by buying tickets of the spot and sightseeing car tickets. And you will get the ticket code very fast. It is very easy to pick up the ticket at the entrance. It is not necessary to queue up and it is highly recommended you to try the online ticket purchase.

The sea goddess of mercy is super shocking, very high, and it is very spectacular. Many people come to visit it and the surrounding scenery is not bad. It is the world’s largest statue of the Goddess of Mercy, which is 30 stories high (108 meters, 2,600 tons), it is really super beautiful. It is the place where the Buddha believes must go, and it is the most luxurious ritual Buddha you may have ever seen. A lot of people’s posts are neatly placed in the box and it really looks spectacular.

Nanshan is the southernmost mountain in China with a forest coverage rate of 97%. It is a famous Buddhist mountain resort in China and a national 5A tourist attraction. There are ordinary sightseeing cars in the scenic spot, which takes 30 yuan per person, and they will stop at each attraction from the starting point to the end point for you to view the entire South Mountain Scenic Area. The first stop is the 108-meter sea goddess of mercy. It is the world’s first statue of Golden jade statue of avalokitesvara bodhisattva and the treasure of Hainan. By worshipping sea goddess of mercy, you can have lunch at the vegetarian restaurant in the scenic area, which is also the Nanshan food culture.

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