Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone is known as Love Island, and it is also a holy place for diving. The visibility of sea water is 6~27 meters. Aquatic products are also rich and beautiful. The whole attraction is full of smoke and you will see so many captivating scenery there. And there is also a beautiful story in it, a legend that made this magical island. In fact, in Sanya, wherever you go, it is a tropical coastline.

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone is like a small tropical forest. The coverage of trees is extremely high. Even in the big sun, there is no sun in the woods. Every island has the highest point. All the way up, you will come to Sun Rock, which is located on the southeast cliff of Wuzhizhou Island. Standing on the rock by the sea, overlooking the whole island, you will feel that the vast South China Sea has a panoramic view. The color of the sea is extremely rich, changing from the blue to the green, and there are many minerals on the seabed. The beaches of Wuzhizhou Island are among the top beaches in Sanya. The sea is also very beautiful, with a rich color gradient, and it does not belong to the sea of ​​Phuket. Seeing such beautiful sea water, you will surely feel very happy.

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone like Maldives, where many people yearn for and look forward to, every corner has released the romantic breath; and it features the delicate white sand; sea water from bright to green to light blue; beachside tropical trees etc. There are also sunshine, beaches, sea water, coconut groves, green plants, and sea projects that make up a beautiful and romantic picture. Everything on the island is crystal clear; the blue sea and the waves are clean. Wuzhizhou Island has more than 2,000 species of plants. And there are many precious tree species, such as the dragon tree, and there are many rare plant phenomena.

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