Harbin Volga Manor

Volga Manor is located on the original ecological Ashe River in the outskirts of Harbin. It covers an area of more than 600,000 square meters. It is a tourist attraction based on the history of Harbin and the theme of Russian culture. It is a manor which is fully enriched with exotic customs. The manor integrates the functions of sightseeing, leisure and vacation, outdoor sports, exhibitions, research trips, wedding celebrations, etc. It can accommodate thousands of people for dining and hundreds of people for accommodation at the same time.

The manor is built on the Ashe River. The original natural environment is set against different styles of Russian architecture. After more than ten years of hard work, the city’s history, architectural art and wetland beauty are harmoniously integrated, bringing you the feeling of “Manor Listening to the bell in the painting, pushing the window to recall the feeling of Russia”. The restored St. Nicholas Church and the Mini-Ajur Restaurant carry the memories of the old Harbin people. Classic Russian buildings such as the Vodka Fort and Petrov Art Palace are reproduced here. Traditional Russian folk culture such as painting art, sculpture display, folklore experience, Traditional Russian folk culture, music interpretation and Russian cuisine, is reflected here.

In winter, the main goal of the manor is to advocate the destination of Russian-style ice and snow artistic life experience. It integrates Russian-style ice and snow and activities such as castle skiing and castle snow circle into the scenic area, presenting not only the beauty of architecture, but also the real Russian art life.

The Castle Ski Resort here is a special leisure and entertainment ski resort with beginner and intermediate ski trails. Skiers can walk through 3 Russian castles and experience a unique way of skiing in a loop. The ski resort has complete functions, complete facilities, and professional coaches, and it is suitable for family and group skating.

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