Seven Star Park

The corner of Seven Star Park is breezy, the lush trees on both sides of the lake bank seem to be whispering, and when the breeze smashes, the branches and leaves become quite agile, and make every effort to show the tourists its swaying style. There are many famous attractions, and there are many things to see and hear inside the park. For the noisy city, the Seven Star Park is more like a place for busy people to get rid of the tired life. It is green, the moisture hidden in the air enters the body with every breath, suddenly you will feel refreshing. In addition to the beautiful mountains and rivers, the lively macaque is also a beautiful scenery of the Seven Star Park. The lifelike rhinoceros stone carvings in the park are very harmonious with the wild monkeys who are jumping up and down and cleverly moving. This scene can only be seen in the Seven Star Park. The Seven Star Park is also home of Chen Guang’s tomb and the tomb of the Eighty Strong Man.

Qixing Cave is good. First of all, it has a large area and many things. It has caves, waterfalls and mountains. The scenery is very good. In addition, there are various entertainment facilities, rock climbing, playgrounds, etc., and there are many foods to eat. The trunk in the park is painted with chalk, and different small animals are drawn there according to the shape of the trunk. It is very interesting.

Traveling to Guilin, you cannot miss the Seven Star Park. The park is relatively large and may be the largest park in Guilin. It is named because of Qixing Mountain and Qixing Cave. It has good environment, and the greenery is also very good. Camel Mountain is very imagery. In the Qixing Cave you can visit the cave and there is a zoo inside the park, which attracts many children.

Reed Flute Cave

If you book the ticket of the Reed Flute Cave online, you should book it before 16:00 p.m. The price is still a bit expensive, the fare is 84 Yuan/person.

Reed Flute Cave is in the urban area, but it still has some distance from the Guilin city center. Don’t worry about it as the transportation is convenient. It costs around 28 yuan from the bus station by taking a taxi to arrive there. There is not much feeling for the cave, but the Reed Flute is still pretty good. After all, there is not much to be worth visiting in downtown Guilin, except these beautiful caves. The favorite point of the Reed Flute Cave is that the scenic spot is to ensure the safety of everyone. It will organize visitors to visit the caves at the same time, and will be accompanied by a super-sound guide lady, so you can have a clear understanding of the formation and shape of the cave. The shape of the stone looks strange, and it requires your imagination.

For a person who has never seen a stone stalactite before, it still feels very magical when visiting the Reed Flute Cave. The overall tour time is about 60 minutes, and the whole tour will offer the explanation by the tour guide. Each stone will be given a myth and legend, and some stalactites are quite similar. The Crystal Palace is the shooting place of the Journey to the West. The place is really big. The landscape is still very good. You can use your imagination to see many different landscapes. There is a large open space in the cave that looks quite shocking, and it is the place where tourist must go to. There is a turtle in the cave. It is said that the turtle has lived for 1200 years.

Longji Rice Terraces

The Longji Rice terraces have been a wonder of the world with the sweat of generations by the ancestors of the Yao and Zhuang nationalities for thousands of years.

The four seasons of the Longji terraces are very beautiful, and each season there has its own merits. Especially in the spring (about mid-June), the terraces that have been filled with water after the transplanting are like the mirror of the sky. The autumn is golden before the autumn harvest, and the hierarchy is clear.

The valley is empty, the weak lights are a little bit, the eastern hills are brighter, and the gray clouds are slowly moving. The Longji is full of artistic charm, the water is flowing, the fields are staggered with the exquisite and magnificent lines, and the stretches are both chic and cozy. Facing the morning sun, breathing fresh air, watching the beautiful scenery of the terraces, it is easy and comfortable during your trip at Longji Rice Terraces! The Longji Rice Terraces in summer, such as the chain-like terraced mountain foot, is coiled to the top of the mountain. The green and oily rice waves are scattered and stacked, and they are extremely beautiful.

From Guilin to the Longji Rice Terraces, the road is fine. The Zhuang and Yao ancestors opened up the mountains and built the fields, in order to survive the land that was opened up, inadvertently turned into a beautiful scenery. Most of the houses in Longji still maintain the form of a stilt, which is integrated with the mountain, and looks simple and elegant, it has a sense of returning to nature. On the way back, take a look at the Ping’an zhai Zhuang terraces, it is really charming.

Although it is not the most beautiful season in the terraced fields, the simple rural life, the rich ethnic customs, the long history of terraced planting, the tranquility and elegance are also the experience and harvest of the journey.

Standing on the top of the terrace, you will feel like coming to the cloud side, a cloud side of the town, together with the clouds and the sun and you. Don’t forget take some beautiful photos there.

West Street

West Street is the most historic street in Yangshuo. It is also the most concentrated street for foreigners. Bars, restaurants, Internet cafes, crafts and calligraphy shops are decorated in the styles of both Chinese and Western. It is the most famous street in China.

The ancient buildings of the West Street, such as the Ming City Wall, the Inscriptions, the Ancient Temple, the Ancient Pavilion, the Celebrities’ Former Residence, and the Memorial Hall, are all relatively complete.

There is a river on the west side of the street. The river is spraying with water droplets. It seems to be creating an atmosphere. There is a stage opposite the river. There are performances every night. Walking on the stone road in West Street, just go slowly and appreciate the charm slowly. The shops on both sides are all open, food, toys, snacks, restaurants, bars can be seen everywhere; all bars, restaurants, hotels have almost different patterns, full of exotic atmosphere.

On the famous West Street, you will always see a lot of Westerners. They are either walking on the street in group, or sitting in the bar, listening to music and enjoying the time of life.

West Street is a Western-style foreigner street, which is a personalized face representing Yangshuo. Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreigners come and go here for sightseeing, living, working and studying in the West Street. This is not available anywhere in China. For this reason, people call China’s unique West Street “Foreigner’s Street”.

Walking to the end of the West Street, you can go to the edge of the Li River to see the scenery of Yangshuo. This section of the Li River is relatively quiet, and the water there is shallow, clear and clean. There is a small park on riverside. Many tourists are here to play. The opposite is the typical landscape of Guilin. The mountains are undulating and the countryside is beautiful.

Li River

The landscape of Guilin is the best in the world, and the landscape of Yangshuo is the best in Guilin. The length of the Li River section is 164 kilometers. Most of the riverbeds along the river are watery pebbles with small amount of sediment and clear water. Most of the straits are karst landforms. The tourism resources are abundant, and the famous Guilin landscape is on the Lijiang River. The scenery of the Lijiang River is known as “gree mountain, clear water, odd caves and beautiful stone”. The 83-kilometer Lijiang River section from Guilin to Yangshuo is the essence of the Li River, as well as the wonderful scenery of “Deep pools, rapids, springs, waterfalls”. It is a typical, rich and concentrated area of karst topography, which concentrates the essence of Guilin landscape. It is a feeling of “the boat is on the blue waves, people are in the middle of the painting.”

It will be a big pity without visiting the Li River when you are travelling in Guilin. The upper reach of the Li River is Guilin-Yangdi, and the lower reach is the area of Yangshuo. And the main attractions of the tour are the two places of Jiuma Mountain and the back of the 20-yuan banknote.

There are two ways to visit the Li River. One is to take a trip on a three-star or a four-star cruise. The price is moderate. There is also an electric bamboo raft for 4 people. Some people may feel that it is very noisy and it will be very cold. But it is more fantastic as you can experience the Li River much closer. And you will feel that the water surface is wide, the mountains on both sides are plunging. The water under the boat is green and the mountains are strange.

The landscape of Guilin, which has been extolled throughout the ages, is the most beautiful in the world. Perhaps it is the marvelous peaks and beautiful waters of the Li River that made the ancient people intoxicated with it and then recited this beautiful sentence for thousands of years. If you have read some verses that praise the landscape of the Lijiang River, you will feel it really beautiful. But when you are in this beautiful scenery, you will feel that the poems still can’t fully depict your mood at this moment. Perhaps it is because of people’s state of mind, and the time to enjoy the beauty is different, it is difficult to describe the beauty of this wonderful Li River. It is really worthy your visit.

The Elephant Trunk Hill

At night, the Elephant Trunk Hill is dressed with colorful costumes. Under the background of the fisherman’s lights, a legend of Elephant Trunk Hill is staged, and if the slightly higher fare of this attraction is ignored, the night view of Elephant Trunk Hill is one of the best in the night view of Guilin.

Highlights: Guilin’s iconic sights, panoramic views of Guilin at the top of the mountain, and light show performances at night


1, The Xiangshan Park needs to buy tickets to enter the park during the day and night;

2, the ticket is very expensive, whether it is day or night, the cost performance is low in some people’s view;

3, at night, ” Legend of elephant mountain ” performance starts at 20:00, only lasts for 15 minutes, 19:45 is a fisherman show, the laser show performance is more general, some people buy the ticket purely for the night scene;

4, Xiangshan Park attractions are more tasteless and it is expensive, the trip can be skipped directly.

After the beautiful sunset in the evening, the gorgeous sunset glowed the giant elephant into pink. The Xiangshan udakacandra on the west bank is opposite to the lunar cave on the east bank of the Li River. One hangs in the sky and one floats on the water, forming a peculiar landscape of the “Lijiang River Double Moon”. In an instant, the sky is dyed into dark red, like a magnificent red ocean, which is very spectacular, it is really as “this scene should only be in the sky, the world can get a few views.” In the Elephant Trunk Hill encounters the most beautiful sunset, you will feel it really worth it for your Guilin tour.

Generally speaking, everyone goes to Xiangshan Park to take a picture of the elephant’s nose. However, as a park that is squandered by locals and tourists, Xiangshan Park’s ticket price has so far stood up, and the official website has a price of 70 Yuan for it. If you plan to shoot the elephant’s nose, go directly to the 2nd entrance and exit after entering the park, the elephant trunk is there, don’t climb the mountain, because there is nothing on the mountain. Although basically everyone understands that there is no such thing in the park, it does not stop the obsession of tourists.