The Elephant Trunk Hill

At night, the Elephant Trunk Hill is dressed with colorful costumes. Under the background of the fisherman’s lights, a legend of Elephant Trunk Hill is staged, and if the slightly higher fare of this attraction is ignored, the night view of Elephant Trunk Hill is one of the best in the night view of Guilin.

Highlights: Guilin’s iconic sights, panoramic views of Guilin at the top of the mountain, and light show performances at night


1, The Xiangshan Park needs to buy tickets to enter the park during the day and night;

2, the ticket is very expensive, whether it is day or night, the cost performance is low in some people’s view;

3, at night, ” Legend of elephant mountain ” performance starts at 20:00, only lasts for 15 minutes, 19:45 is a fisherman show, the laser show performance is more general, some people buy the ticket purely for the night scene;

4, Xiangshan Park attractions are more tasteless and it is expensive, the trip can be skipped directly.

After the beautiful sunset in the evening, the gorgeous sunset glowed the giant elephant into pink. The Xiangshan udakacandra on the west bank is opposite to the lunar cave on the east bank of the Li River. One hangs in the sky and one floats on the water, forming a peculiar landscape of the “Lijiang River Double Moon”. In an instant, the sky is dyed into dark red, like a magnificent red ocean, which is very spectacular, it is really as “this scene should only be in the sky, the world can get a few views.” In the Elephant Trunk Hill encounters the most beautiful sunset, you will feel it really worth it for your Guilin tour.

Generally speaking, everyone goes to Xiangshan Park to take a picture of the elephant’s nose. However, as a park that is squandered by locals and tourists, Xiangshan Park’s ticket price has so far stood up, and the official website has a price of 70 Yuan for it. If you plan to shoot the elephant’s nose, go directly to the 2nd entrance and exit after entering the park, the elephant trunk is there, don’t climb the mountain, because there is nothing on the mountain. Although basically everyone understands that there is no such thing in the park, it does not stop the obsession of tourists.

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