Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak is one of the must-see attractions for your travel to Hong Kong, and the mode of transportation to go there is by Central MTR Station (No. 5), take the No. 15 double-decker bus.

It is really recommended to take the double-decker bus directly, because there is no need to buy tickets for the Victoria Peak. Unless it is on the Motianling Observation Deck. The double-decker bus experience is superb excellent. Do remember to sit on the right side of the bus. When going up the mountain, the viewing angle is better.

Compared to the cable car, the fare will be higher. The round-trip package ticket bought online is 55RMB. You can refer to it. However, the queue of people waiting for the cable car is long and it takes a long time. However, if you have not taken the cable car, you can try it.

The night view of Hong Kong is really beautiful. It’s a good experience to have a relax at the top of the Victoria Peak at night after a busy day at work. In fact, the viewing the scenery is not necessarily on the viewing platform, and there are also places on the side that look at the night scene.

The deeper experience is that on the Victoria Peak there are really so many foreigners nearby. It may be Korean or Japanese etc., and many Indian friends are met there. They all like to take pictures collectively. It is very lively. At about 19:30 p.m., people are already full, and you need find a good location to take pictures.

At the top of the Victoria Peak, there is a special experience recommended for everyone: In addition to watching the scenery at The Peak Tower, you can take a walk along the top of the mountain to enjoy the different Hong Kong Island scenery. The starting point of the Peak Loop Walk is Luji Road and the end point is Xiali Road. Along the way, you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of Victoria Harbour from various angles, as well as the Tsing Yi Bridge and Pokfulam Reservoir, all make your tour there worthwhile.

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