Reed Flute Cave

If you book the ticket of the Reed Flute Cave online, you should book it before 16:00 p.m. The price is still a bit expensive, the fare is 84 Yuan/person.

Reed Flute Cave is in the urban area, but it still has some distance from the Guilin city center. Don’t worry about it as the transportation is convenient. It costs around 28 yuan from the bus station by taking a taxi to arrive there. There is not much feeling for the cave, but the Reed Flute is still pretty good. After all, there is not much to be worth visiting in downtown Guilin, except these beautiful caves. The favorite point of the Reed Flute Cave is that the scenic spot is to ensure the safety of everyone. It will organize visitors to visit the caves at the same time, and will be accompanied by a super-sound guide lady, so you can have a clear understanding of the formation and shape of the cave. The shape of the stone looks strange, and it requires your imagination.

For a person who has never seen a stone stalactite before, it still feels very magical when visiting the Reed Flute Cave. The overall tour time is about 60 minutes, and the whole tour will offer the explanation by the tour guide. Each stone will be given a myth and legend, and some stalactites are quite similar. The Crystal Palace is the shooting place of the Journey to the West. The place is really big. The landscape is still very good. You can use your imagination to see many different landscapes. There is a large open space in the cave that looks quite shocking, and it is the place where tourist must go to. There is a turtle in the cave. It is said that the turtle has lived for 1200 years.

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