Old City God Temple

There is a famous gold and silver building in the Old City God Temple, which is as a century-old shop, and its architecture is also very characteristic. There are two things to do for your visit in Old City God Temple: taking pictures, and tasting food. There are many people taking pictures here. When you come here, you can firstly circle around the outer part of the Old City God Temple, which is a long way to go. So, when you are to have a trip there, do remember that you must have a pair of comfortable shoes. There are many pavilions in the Old City God Temple, each with different shapes and different characteristics.

Old City God Temple is one of the most lively and traditional places in Shanghai. However, anyone who wants to come to Shanghai to visit, the first thing that comes to mind is the Old City God Temple! In fact, the Old City God Temple in the eyes of so people travelers is the Old City God Temple Tourist Area, which contains a large area such as the Old City Temple, the Yu Garden and the shopping and dining commodities.

The Old City God Temple Tourist Area has a large number of tourists all year round. When it comes to holidays or national holidays, it is even more crowded. Some people travelling there are just for taking pictures; some people for tasting all kinds of snacks from Shanghai, and some people for buying small items in the small commodity market; some people for buying some Shanghai native products as a gift. At the same time, there are also large shopping malls and old brands of gold jewelry stores.

If you are full of expectations for life, or you are arrogant, just come to the Old City God Temple Snack Square, as it can make you feel the thrill of hell; if you have been to the City God Temple and felt desperate, you may wish to come to Fuchun restaurant to try to taste the snacks and see the scenery of heaven.

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