Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes is one of the four major caves in China and it has a long history. It has been experienced by many dynasties and has been created intermittently for more than 500 years. There are more than 97,000 Buddha statues. With the Yi River as the boundary, the grottoes are divided into two parts: Xishan and Dongshan. The Dongshan Grottoes are mostly the works of the Tang Dynasty, while the Xishan Grottoes were excavated in the Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The Longmen Grottoes is the most classic spot in Luoyang. The Xishan Grottoes are the most essential part of the Longmen Grottoes, including the Lushena Buddha statues of Fengxian Temple and the “Longmen 20 Pieces” in Guyang Cave. The Luoyang Peony Flower Festival will be held from April 1st to May 10th every year.

Official Phone o the Longmen Grottoes: 0379-65980972

Time reference for visiting: more than 3 hours

Transportation to the Longmen Grottoes:

Train: Take the train to Longmen Grottoes, usually arrive at Luoyang Station or Luoyang Longmen Station, then transfer to the bus or taxi.

1) Luoyang Station:

Take bus No. 81 directly: Get on at Luoyang Station (West Square) and get off at Longmen Grotto Station.

2) Luoyang Longmen Station:

Walk to Tongqu Road, Houzhanmen Street East Station, take the No. 67 or 71 bus, get off at Longmen Grotto Station, the fare is 1 yuan/person. Then take a taxi to the Longmen Grottoes.

Traffic in the scenic area:

Battery car: In addition to walking, visitors can also choose a battery car in the scenic area to visit.

Cruise: Cruise service is available in the scenic area. Line: Xishan Fengxiansi Wharf – Dongshan Baiyuan Wharf, the whole journey takes about 15 minutes.


Ordinary ticket: 90 RMB (from Monday – Sunday during January 1st – December 31st)

Opening hours

08:00-18:00; stop ticketing time: 17:00 (from Monday – Sunday during February 1st – March 31st, October 8th – October 31st)

08:00-18:30; stop ticketing time: 17:30 (April 1 – October 7)

08:00-17:00; stop ticketing time: 16:00 (from Monday – Sunday during November 1st – January 31st of the following year)

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