Longji Rice Terraces

The Longji Rice terraces have been a wonder of the world with the sweat of generations by the ancestors of the Yao and Zhuang nationalities for thousands of years.

The four seasons of the Longji terraces are very beautiful, and each season there has its own merits. Especially in the spring (about mid-June), the terraces that have been filled with water after the transplanting are like the mirror of the sky. The autumn is golden before the autumn harvest, and the hierarchy is clear.

The valley is empty, the weak lights are a little bit, the eastern hills are brighter, and the gray clouds are slowly moving. The Longji is full of artistic charm, the water is flowing, the fields are staggered with the exquisite and magnificent lines, and the stretches are both chic and cozy. Facing the morning sun, breathing fresh air, watching the beautiful scenery of the terraces, it is easy and comfortable during your trip at Longji Rice Terraces! The Longji Rice Terraces in summer, such as the chain-like terraced mountain foot, is coiled to the top of the mountain. The green and oily rice waves are scattered and stacked, and they are extremely beautiful.

From Guilin to the Longji Rice Terraces, the road is fine. The Zhuang and Yao ancestors opened up the mountains and built the fields, in order to survive the land that was opened up, inadvertently turned into a beautiful scenery. Most of the houses in Longji still maintain the form of a stilt, which is integrated with the mountain, and looks simple and elegant, it has a sense of returning to nature. On the way back, take a look at the Ping’an zhai Zhuang terraces, it is really charming.

Although it is not the most beautiful season in the terraced fields, the simple rural life, the rich ethnic customs, the long history of terraced planting, the tranquility and elegance are also the experience and harvest of the journey.

Standing on the top of the terrace, you will feel like coming to the cloud side, a cloud side of the town, together with the clouds and the sun and you. Don’t forget take some beautiful photos there.

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