West Street

West Street is the most historic street in Yangshuo. It is also the most concentrated street for foreigners. Bars, restaurants, Internet cafes, crafts and calligraphy shops are decorated in the styles of both Chinese and Western. It is the most famous street in China.

The ancient buildings of the West Street, such as the Ming City Wall, the Inscriptions, the Ancient Temple, the Ancient Pavilion, the Celebrities’ Former Residence, and the Memorial Hall, are all relatively complete.

There is a river on the west side of the street. The river is spraying with water droplets. It seems to be creating an atmosphere. There is a stage opposite the river. There are performances every night. Walking on the stone road in West Street, just go slowly and appreciate the charm slowly. The shops on both sides are all open, food, toys, snacks, restaurants, bars can be seen everywhere; all bars, restaurants, hotels have almost different patterns, full of exotic atmosphere.

On the famous West Street, you will always see a lot of Westerners. They are either walking on the street in group, or sitting in the bar, listening to music and enjoying the time of life.

West Street is a Western-style foreigner street, which is a personalized face representing Yangshuo. Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreigners come and go here for sightseeing, living, working and studying in the West Street. This is not available anywhere in China. For this reason, people call China’s unique West Street “Foreigner’s Street”.

Walking to the end of the West Street, you can go to the edge of the Li River to see the scenery of Yangshuo. This section of the Li River is relatively quiet, and the water there is shallow, clear and clean. There is a small park on riverside. Many tourists are here to play. The opposite is the typical landscape of Guilin. The mountains are undulating and the countryside is beautiful.

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