The Stone Forest

The Stone Forest scenic area is very large. There are more than 170 scenic spots in the big Stone Forest. Many people go there to see the main attractions. Otherwise, if you look at all the big and small attractions there, you need spend more than 3 days. If you have this plan, you can choose the Yi people’s torch festival on 24th June every year and live in the scenic spot. You can not only visit all the scenic spots, but also enjoy the traditional Torch Festival of the Yi people.

The Stone Forest in Yunnan is really beautiful. The first time you see it, you will feel it very novel, the stones of different forms rise up, people can fully use their imagination. There are rental national costumes in the scenic area. The girls’ clothes are really good. You can put on a national costume to dress up Ashima.

In general, The Stone Forest has more people in the morning and evening, and around 13:00 or 14:00 at noon, it is just the gap period of the tour group, so there are not many people, and you can appreciate the scenery. For the first time having a visit in the Stone Forest, it is recommended for you looking for a tour guide to explain the various attractions and customs of the Stone Forest.

There are all kinds of strange-shaped stones in the stone forest. They have their own names, but you basically have to rely on imagination and multi-angle observation to get them. The Forest Stone Scenic Area includes many small scenic spots such as: Dashilin Scenic Area, Xiaoshilin Scenic Area, Stepping Mountain Scenic Area, Liziyuan Jing, Shilingzhi. Among them, the Dashilin and Xiaoshilin stone forest are the most famous, and it is also the place where various tour groups gather. The tour group usually takes less than two hours to take a walk in the large and small stone forest, take a photo and then leave, so there are many people there. There are very few people in the back of the Whistle Mountain.

The paths leading to the hinterland of the stone forest are full of green, making people forget to return. From time to time, there will be a few gray stones with unique shapes that break into your sight, but there is no slight sense of abruptness. The beautiful legends of “Ashima” and the ancient magical torch festival make the natural landscape of the Stone Forest and the human landscape reflect each other, making you intoxicated.

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