Li River

The landscape of Guilin is the best in the world, and the landscape of Yangshuo is the best in Guilin. The length of the Li River section is 164 kilometers. Most of the riverbeds along the river are watery pebbles with small amount of sediment and clear water. Most of the straits are karst landforms. The tourism resources are abundant, and the famous Guilin landscape is on the Lijiang River. The scenery of the Lijiang River is known as “gree mountain, clear water, odd caves and beautiful stone”. The 83-kilometer Lijiang River section from Guilin to Yangshuo is the essence of the Li River, as well as the wonderful scenery of “Deep pools, rapids, springs, waterfalls”. It is a typical, rich and concentrated area of karst topography, which concentrates the essence of Guilin landscape. It is a feeling of “the boat is on the blue waves, people are in the middle of the painting.”

It will be a big pity without visiting the Li River when you are travelling in Guilin. The upper reach of the Li River is Guilin-Yangdi, and the lower reach is the area of Yangshuo. And the main attractions of the tour are the two places of Jiuma Mountain and the back of the 20-yuan banknote.

There are two ways to visit the Li River. One is to take a trip on a three-star or a four-star cruise. The price is moderate. There is also an electric bamboo raft for 4 people. Some people may feel that it is very noisy and it will be very cold. But it is more fantastic as you can experience the Li River much closer. And you will feel that the water surface is wide, the mountains on both sides are plunging. The water under the boat is green and the mountains are strange.

The landscape of Guilin, which has been extolled throughout the ages, is the most beautiful in the world. Perhaps it is the marvelous peaks and beautiful waters of the Li River that made the ancient people intoxicated with it and then recited this beautiful sentence for thousands of years. If you have read some verses that praise the landscape of the Lijiang River, you will feel it really beautiful. But when you are in this beautiful scenery, you will feel that the poems still can’t fully depict your mood at this moment. Perhaps it is because of people’s state of mind, and the time to enjoy the beauty is different, it is difficult to describe the beauty of this wonderful Li River. It is really worthy your visit.

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