Lijiang Ancient Town

The Lijiang Ancient Town is an alive place, where you can revel in the night; Lijiang Ancient Town is a quiet place too, where you can sit in the sun-filled courtyard for a while.

Featuring blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains, smokers, or style bars, Lijiang Ancient Town is worth going.


1, Don’t go to places that you shouldn’t go, such as chaotic streets, such as chaotic bars. Go back and rest at night, don’t go to those messy places, don’t go to see the fun when there is noisy scene, don’t stay long, and leave as soon as possible and return to the inn.

2, Don’t argue with others. Don’t try to endure others. There is truth, but sometimes you can’t advocate heaven, but you can protect yourself. That is, don’t think that you can use justice to preside over justice.

3, Keep safe all the time when you are in Lijiang Ancient Town.

4, Don’t think that you have spent money, then all the requirements are reasonable. People should think about the problem from the perspective of others, so that’s fin e, and it will make your tour there more enjoyable.

5, There are many foreigners, most of the shops are opened for foreigners, and they are hospitable, and good to contact, so don’t be afraid, there are not so many bad people.
6, Anti-fraud guide:

Low-cost inn: Unlicensed drivers use the reason that their relatives open an inn in the Ancient Town to cheat you. Usually, such inns feature low prices and poor conditions, with the main purpose of earning high rebates.

Low-cost chartered car: The Unlicensed drivers uses the low-cost chartered car as a bait to attract you to take the car. After getting on the car, he has enough time to flicker you to go shopping, go to bad scenic spots, and eat high-snap local specialties. So you should keep an eye on this kind of unlicensed car drivers.

Black Dragon Pond Park and white sand murals need to pay 80 Yuan for the maintenance of the ancient town, which is generally collected by the inn, hotels, etc., and it can also be purchased at the gates of the ancient town and the ticket offices of various scenic spots (when playing Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Mufu, Black Dragon Pool Park, etc., generally You will be asked to show the receipt of the maintenance fee of the ancient town).

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