Gulangyu Island

When you take a visit to the Gulangyu Island, buy the ferry ticket in advance, take a taxi to the ferry station, and you must remember to buy the ticket in advance, now you need register an account on Alipay together with the WeChat registration first, then after the Alipay registration you can login to WeChat to buy the ticket. You can be in advance as more as 15 days in advance to buy the tickets, which is 35 Yuan/person, and it is round-trip, you only need to show the ID card to go to the island, and you do not need to buy a ticket for the return, and also do not need to pick up the ticket.

It is said that in the morning of that very day, there are more tickets will be released, but when you catch up with the peak season, it is safer and better for you to buy tickets in advance for your Gulangyu Tour, and check the ticket half an hour in advance and wait for the boat to board the ship. There will be ferry for every 20 minutes. Go to Sanqiutian Wharf and Neicuoao Wharf. Remember to see which wharf is closer to your hotel in advance, don’t buy the wrong ticket. The whole ferry trip is only 20 minutes. The scenery of the whole Xiamen can be seen on the boat, which is really so beautiful. The sea breeze is very comfortable. Of course, the Gulangyu Island is full of expectations.

The snack street on the island is considered to be the most pleasant snack street. The service attitudes are super good and the street is very neat. You can taste all kinds of snacks there, including herbal tea for you to taste. There are all kinds of web celebrity stores, such as Miss Zhao’s shop, Zhang San Feng’s milk tea shop, Lin’s fish ball shop, Yip’s hemp Ci, Turkish ice cream and the like.

Gulangyu is very small, but the buildings on the island are very beautiful. You don’t need to go to any scenic spots. Just walk along the path, enjoy the evening sunset, or take a look at the distant Xiamen, Twin Towers, or enjoy the old building of the surroundings. With the quietness at this moment, you will relax yourself and enjoy the most beautiful journey.

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