The Terracotta Army Museum

When having a tour in Xi’an, you must take a visit to The Terracotta Army Museum where you can know more about China’s history.

After you arrive at the Terracotta Warriors, there are a lot of parking lots and the management is good. The tour guide also has their special place, and there is no fake tour guide. Qin Shihuang at the gate is still very domineering. From the gate to the Terracotta pit, you can take car or walk. What you enter into the first is the No. 1 pit, from where you can firstly see the black Qin army. Every sergeant has a strong eye, just like it was three thousand years ago. The striker, the scorpion shooter and the standing shooter alternate, followed by the famous cavalry phalanx, through the millennium, waiting for the sleeping monarch. The No. 3 pit features the highest level, as the decision-making, and sacrifices are all in the square inch. The four-horse carriage behind the door is ready to go.

There are a lot of things that need to be explained when visiting the Terracotta Warriors, otherwise you will not see too much content and cannot explore more history here. The exhibition hall is very large, and it will introduce the process of excavation and repair of terracotta warriors in detail, and you can spend some time to appreciate it. As soon as you see the Terracotta Warriors, you will be deeply shocked by the imposing terracotta warriors. Even if you have seen them on the screen for countless times, when you see it with your own eyes, you will be shocked to say nothing, the excitement is that you can’t described in words. They stand quietly here for thousands of years, showing you the power of a generation of empire.

There are still many archaeological workers in the site who are responsible for cleaning and smashing the pieces. It is said that it takes at least 2 years to piece together a terracotta warrior. It is recommended to reserve enough time for visiting the terracotta warriors. If you arrange visiting the terracotta warriors on the first day or last day of the trip, you can take a free shuttle bus between the high-speed rail station and the Terracotta Warriors Museum with a high-speed rail ticket.

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