Yalong Bay Tourism Zone

For the Yalong Bay Tourism Zone, different people have different ways of playing there. In general, leisure trips to Yalong Bay can be played in the following ways:

First, pure eyes to look at the scenic sightseeing. Yalong Bay’s beaches and sea waters are masterpieces of nature. Walking on the shores of Yalong Bay, you will feel the sand is soft and delicate, and the quality is superior. The sea water is green and blue, like a gem inlaid on the beautiful land of Sanya. Even a simple walk in Yalong Bay, or a wading in the shallows, is a great way to relax.

Second, swimming offshore. The water in Yalong Bay is extremely visible and clear. The sea water is crystal-clear, the water temperature in the bay is often above 23 degrees, and the sun is shining all year round. It is a natural bathing beach. This kind of activity is suitable for the whole family, regardless of the young and the old, they can play in the safe area of the sea, enjoy the pleasure of the waves and the comfort of swimming.

Third, in addition to the best bathing beaches, Yalong Bay has strange stones, strange beaches and rural scenery, which constitute a unique landscape. Jinmujiao, Yalongjiao, surf, cliffs, and rock formations are good places for climbing adventures. There are 5 islands in the bay, with the wild boar island as the center, Dongzhou Island and Xizhou Island in the south, and the Dongpai Island and Xipai Island in the west, you can carry out a variety of water sports.

Fourth, the forest park and the underwater world. In the tourist area of Yalong Bay, there are Yalong Bay Forest Park and Underwater World. The forest park here is famous for its tropical plants. Visitors can enjoy many rare and exotic plants that are not seen in the interior. The underwater world has no big difference with other underwater worlds.

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