The End of the Earth and the Corner

The End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean is located 23 kilometers southwest of Sanya City, Hainan Province. It is famous for its beautiful and tropical coastal natural scenery and long and unique historical culture. The land area is 10.4 square kilometers and the sea area is 6 square kilometers. It is back to the Maling Mountain and facing the sea. Here the sea water is clear, the smoke is vast, the coconut trees are wandering, the strange stones are standing in the water. Tianya Stone and the Haijiao Stone, and the Nantianyizhu which is about 7 meters high, suddenly stand out, and they are spectacular.

It is a must-visit attraction for Sanya tour, and the ticket for the peak season is 95 yuan. Classic attractions such as Tianya Stone, Haijiao Stone, Nantianyizhu can be viewed all the way, coconut palm is so beautiful, and the sea breeze is comfortable, and the beach is soft. There are also many new people taking wedding photos, and you can also take a helicopter to view from the air. Some couples are here to propose marriage and hold a wedding. It seems that even the air here is romantic. You will like Sanya, like Sanya’s blue sea and blue sky, like the white clouds of Sanya, like the enthusiasm of Sanya, like the local people in Sanya.

Known as the cliff stones, “The End of the Earth “, and “The Corner of the Ocean” also means love for a long time, it is suitable for couples and the whole family to play together there. The sand is accompanied by a lot of gravel, and there are many rocks on the beach that are exposed to the sea. You can take pictures on them but be sure to pay attention to safety. The End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean is an iconic attraction in Hainan. It is quite meaningful to send a postcard of The End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean to the beloved ones.

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