Birds Nest

The appearance of the Birds Nest is already unique enough. Generally, tourists do not go inside to visit, as it is also very good to take pictures outside. There are many landscape lights for lighting around the square in the Birds Nest, which are made into the shape of a bird’s nest. The landscape lights of the Little Birds Nest consist of the foreground, and the Big Birds Nest National Stadium is regarded as the background, then you will find it very interesting to take photos.

At night, the Birds Nest lights up with red lights, and the lights next to the water cubes are blue (which will change the color). The night scenes are beautiful, but don’t go to the Birds Nest too late, otherwise the lights will be turned off. There is an artificial river to the east of the Birds Nest. Finding your favorite location by the artificial river, shooting the lighted Birds Nest and the reflection on the water surface, it is the “standard photo” of the Birds Nest.

In addition to holding sports events, the Birds Nest also hosted concerts and other cultural activities. Some famous singers have held concerts in the Birds Nest.

There are Olympic-related and nest-related souvenirs for sale in the Birds Nest. The square between the Birds Nest and the Water Cube sells long strings of kites (many kites are connected in a series). It is very chic and you can fly kites. In addition, the water and food in the scenic area are more expensive.

Special Note

1. After you climb to the top of the Birds Nest, the Towers around the Birds Nest, the Olympic Park landscape avenue can be seen clearly and you can overlook the Beijing city.

2. The red light at night is in harmony with the blue water cube (National Aquatics Center), which is very suitable for taking photos of the night scenes.

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