Simatai Great Wall

The climbing road of the Simatai Great Wall is relatively steep. It takes a certain amount of physical strength to go up the mountain road from the foot of the mountain to the enemy building. At the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, there are ropeways that can directly take you to reach the “East 8th Floor” and “East 5th Floor”. Tourists with limited physical strength can choose to ride the ropeways. The ropeway costs 90 yuan for one way and 160 yuan for round trip. If you go from the trail on foot, it takes about 45 minutes to go up. When the weather is hot, it is not recommended to climb the Great Wall on foot, as your body cannot stand the hot weather and you will feel it very tired. On the Simatai Great Wall, you will find that it pays a lot of attention to the night scene, so there are oil lamps and lighting equipment, making it a very beautiful angle! Looking at the Gubei Water Town under the mountain, you will feel it very beautiful. Although there is no light during the day, the angle is very good. This section of the Great Wall is very dangerous, but you will feel it very good to climb up the mountain. It is highly recommended everyone to feel it. The Simatai Great Wall is preserved well. It’s very great to take pictures! You can feel the ancient war environment here, and the horse road here is still very well preserved, which looks especially cool!

If you want to view the Great Wall, just go to Beijing, and if you want to view the Beijing Great Wall, just go to visit the Simatai Great Wall. It is said to be the best of the Great Wall, and the scenery is very beautiful and you can overlook the water town. If you want to view the panorama scenery, it is recommended to go up the Great Wall during the day. If you like the night scene, you can only stay at 5 to 6 beacons.

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