Jinshanling Great Wall

The Jinshanling Great Wall is not very far from Beijing. Starting from Beijing, it takes less than two hours along the Jingcheng Expressway to go to the Jinshanling Great Wall Scenic Spot in Chengde. Ticket of the Jinshanling Great is 65 yuan/person, and the ropeway ticket is bought in the main entrance of the scenic spot. The ropeway is located in the middle section of the Jinshanling Great Wall. It can only go through halfway. If there is no problem with your physical strength, don’t take the cableway. The road to the mountain is not long. After going up the mountain, you can enter the Great Wall from the General Building and go east to the East Gate of the East Five-Eye Building. The whole journey takes four hours. After more than twenty floors, you will feel the second half of the road more challenging and the damage more serious. Jinshanling Great Wall is covered with green trees and grass, and the Great Wall is full of windings on the ridge. The view is very good and the scenery is spectacular and beautiful. Perhaps it is because it’s a little far from Beijing, there are very few tourists, and it is very funny to play the Jinshanling Great Wall.

Jinshanling Great Wall is very captivating. In the eyes of photographers, its beauty far exceeds Badaling Great Wall, and there are not many tourists here. The beautiful Jinshanling Great Wall reflects the afterglow of the setting sun, and the scenery is absolutely touching. The most elite part of Jinshanling Great Wall is the section from the West Five-Eyes Building to the East Five-Eyes Building. There will be many enemy buildings along the way with all kinds of forms.  Some are well preserved, elaborately constructed, but some are dilapidated, and the walls are broken. But they are all imprints of history. And you should prepare at least one day in the Jinshanling Great Wall. It is recommended to go there in the fall season.

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