St Sofia Orthodox Church

St Sofia Orthodox Church is famous in Harbin. “Sofia” means “wisdom” in Greek. Designed by Russian architect Kyasikov, the Harbin St. Sophia Church is a magnificent representative of the Byzantine architecture.

The night view of St Sofia Orthodox Church is super beautiful, with layers of bicolor and gold in the night sky, under the deep night sky. There are very few people at night, so it is very suitable for shooting night scenes. The church is open during the day, but you need to buy tickets, which is also very convenient at the gate. The church has been transformed into a history museum, introducing the history of various stages of Harbin. But the dimly lit walls still revealed the mark of the past. If you are interested, you can buy the postcards in the church.

It you go there by bus, it is still quite convenient, because there are a lot of bus stations in the surrounding area, and there is a big shopping mall opposite. There is a beautiful building next to the big square. Although the church is surrounded, its charm still can’t be covered.This is a typical onion-style building of the Russian Orthodox Church. Under the moonlight, with the lighting effect, most of the outlines can still be seen.

St Sofia Orthodox Church is definitely worth a visit. It is a strong Russian-style Orthodox church. The lobby is bright and the interior is exquisite and beautiful. The original style is well preserved. The square is also very spacious and tidy. The square pigeons on the side also like to be close by people, if you spend 3 yuan to buy some grain, you can get in touch with these cute little elves to play with them or take photos with them. In short, St Sofia Orthodox Church is very suitable for the family tour.

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