Xidi Ancient Village

Xidi, a village in southern Anhui, is a typical Huizhou ancient village. The preservation is still very complete. There are still many people living in it now. The scenic spot is not big, there is a special tour guide at the entrance, which gives people a good feeling, and it is free of charge to listen to the instruction of the scenic spot. The cultural elements of each building are well worth listening to.

Xidi, which is more than ten kilometers away from Hongcun, is another world cultural heritage of the ancient village of Anhui. After going to Hongcun Ancient Village, you can visit to Xidi village which is surrounded by the mountains. Xidi and Hongcun Village are the world’s cultural heritage. They are the two most representative ancient villages in the southern part of Anhui. They are surrounded by idyllic scenery, and they are featuring the well-preserved village forms, exquisite craftsmanship and rich historical and cultural connotations. And they are all famous attractions. For Xidi Village, you can mainly view its architecture; but for Hongcun Ancient Village, you can mainly enjoy the scenery of water there. Some people feel that Hongcun is beautiful, there is a kind of simple beauty, which is quietly flowing the ancient culture with spirituality. But there are also many people who prefer to visit the Xidi Ancient Village.

The price of snacks which are sold in the scenic spot is acceptable. The overall feeling of commercial atmosphere is not particularly strong. It is worthwhile to visit it is you like the Huizhou residential buildings.

The architecture of the Hui School is beautiful and worthy of careful viewing. Especially in the misty rain, the clear stone road cannot help but think of the rain lane, and there is a beautiful sense of sight. The old houses here are full of stories. When you slowly taste, and understanding its history is one of the fun. In addition, the ship in Xidi Ancient Village is a long, and it is very stop-and-go. And you will enjoy taking photos in the alley in Xidi Ancient Town.

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