West Sea Grand Canyon

It is said that half of Huangshan’s ticket fee belongs to that of the West Sea Grand Canyon. That is to say, if you don’t go to the West Sea Grand Canyon, you are already losing half of it. The West Sea Grand Canyon has two entrances: one is to enter from the Paiyun Pavilion, and it takes about two hours to reach the bottom of the canyon; the other is to enter from Buxian Bridge and it takes three or four hours to reach the bottom of the canyon. In addition, you can also take the subway tram up and down the canyon, one way 100 yuan. Most people will choose to enter from the Paiyun Pavilion. Those who are physically fit can walk to the bottom of the canyon and then go up by car. If you don’t want to waste money, you can return to the original position after you have finished the first ring view. There is no need to go to the bottom. Because the scenery below is almost the same, you have basically view it after finishing the first ring.

The West Sea Grand Canyon is one of the most thrilling and beautiful canyons among the Huangshan Mountains. There are many mountain roads. It is recommended that you give priority to taking the cable car up. Of course, if you are willing, you can choose to climb up step by step. The scenery here is really amazing. Please be sure to go there and feel the wonders of nature. The biggest feature of the West Sea Grand Canyon is to see the various strange stones on the edge of the canyon. However, due to the topographical structure, more than two-thirds of the year is foggy in the canyon. Even if you encounter foggy weather, you can still faintly see the magnificent scenery in the canyon.

At different times, the scenery of the West Sea Grand Canyon is different. If there are few tourists, the ropeway does not need to be lined up. You can adjust the route according to your physical strength. The scenery of the West Sea Grand Canyon is superb, which is like the love song of the West Sea, and it is like a dream! It is a must-see attraction for the Yellow Mountains.

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