Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center covers an area of over 20,000 square meters. In the exhibition area of more than 7,000 square meters, the city’s urban planning and construction achievements of Shanghai City are fully demonstrated, and the theme of “city, people, environment and development” is fully expressed, and it is praised by the public as “the window of the city”. A large number of high-tech means are used in the Exhibition Center to fully display the blueprint for the future of Shanghai from now to the year of 2020. The entire planning Exhibition Center is highly professional, informative, interesting and artistic, and it is integrating history and the future together, to give people unlimited imagination. The majestic momentum, the large-scale exhibition style, and the modern first-class high-tech display means vividly demonstrate the vicissitudes of Shanghai, showing Shanghai’s beautiful today and a bright future.

The theme of the Exhibition Center is “City, People, Environment, Development”, which fully displays Shanghai’s “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”. The Exhibition Center has an urban model that is reduced by 500 times according to the actual area of Shanghai, which shows a nostalgic Shanghai old style in the 1930s, and a future urban landscape of Shanghai by using high-tech means such as virtual reality and phantom imaging.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is the condensed sorrow of Shanghai for centuries. It is a window and guide for visiting Shanghai. It is a grand blueprint for looking forward to Shanghai’s beautiful tomorrow. This is a particularly good attraction, from the history of Shanghai to the present development, all are very detailed. And there is a panoramic interactive experience, and many novel exhibition methods, such as removable photo display and flip-cut huge books and some multimedia games. In short, it is worth visiting that is very suitable for family tour as it can be very helpful your gaining understanding for your kids.

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