Shanghai World Financial Center

The most worthwhile reason to visit the Shanghai World Financial Center is that it is free of charge during your birthday. You can bring your ID card on your birthday to view the scenery during the daytime in this year, then view the night scene at the next year, which will be very interesting. And when you go there, you can also walk along with Lujiazui to enjoy yourself during your trip in Shanghai. In addition, when taking the elevator of the Shanghai World Financial Center, the staff will tell you that it reaches the 94th floor in 66 seconds, but you will feel like just taking 30 second as it is really fast.

The high-speed elevator is a “LED light and shadow art work” which was designed by Japanese multimedia artist Toshio IWAI for the sightseeing hall. It is 66 seconds straightly to arrive the 94th floor, and the light and shadow are perfectly combined. The beating LED number on the ceiling of the elevator waiting area shows the height of the elevator.

There is also a souvenir shop and an air coffee bar in the Shanghai World Financial Center, as well as services such as taking commemorative photos of climbing, printing the sound star cards, etc., to accompany you to have the good times.

The Global Knowledge Gallery on the 97th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center showcases some of the little-known figures in the building process, which are entertaining and impressive. (The content displayed during the exhibition will change)

The Shanghai Gate Pavilion on the B1 floor presents Shanghai’s rapidly developing urban landscape in an advanced multimedia interactive format, with the most exquisite and realistic city model in the world.

The World Intangible Cultural Heritage Building’s special Longquan celadon pendant is one of the must-have items. Welcome to buy a gift package and take the beautiful scenery of the Shanghai World Financial Center back home.

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