Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a landmark in Shanghai, and almost every visitor to Shanghai will come here to have a visit. It is awesome to reach the 279-meter two-story ball and overlook the most beautiful bends that Huangpu Road has crossed. The Shanghai Exhibition Hall on the second floor tells about the changes in modern Shanghai and is very helpful in understanding Shanghai’s past.

The 259m transparent observatory allows you to walk in the 360-degree transparent glass sightseeing gallery.

When you stand on the glass ring corridor which is 259 meters high, 150 meters circumference and 2.1 meters wide in the Oriental Pearl, although each square meter can withstand the weight of more than 2 tons, you can’t help but be scared when you step on the transparent glass to look at the constant flow of traffic at the bottom and view the vast Huangpu River which is not far away. Whether you look down on the soles of your feet or look at the entire city, you can’t help but experience an unprecedented sense of reality!

The 78m “Updating City” dynamic ring multimedia show can showcase the city life of Shanghai in the next 70 years in a multi-division of 240 degrees. It is the vision of the Oriental Pearl for the harmonious relationship between man and nature in the city of Shanghai in the next 70 years.

The 95m VR roller coaster let everyone scream and fly together, and pass through Lujiazui together.

On September 16, 2016, the 95m VR roller coaster of the Oriental Pearl was officially opened to the public. The indoor VR roller coaster, with the theme of flying over Shanghai Intercity High Altitude, transforms the original indoor roller coaster of the Oriental Pearl Tower into the popular VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which has broken through the limitations of traditional roller coaster vision and senses, opened the VR intercity high-altitude adventure new era which is more exciting and shocking and interesting.

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