Jinmao Tower

The 88-story sightseeing hall of Jinmao Tower covers an area of 1,520 square meters and a height of 340.1 meters. The decoration of the sightseeing hall is made of imported natural marble, of which the thickness of the wall stone is only 3 mm. The glass curtain wall of the Jinmao Tower offers you a wide view so that you can overlook the urban scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River and the magnificent scenery of the Yangtze River estuary. Here, you can admire the wonderful sunrise and sunset, and shake hands with the ever-changing blue sky and white clouds.

At the 88th floor, the scenery is just right, and your mood on the 87th floor is wonderful. Slow down and talk in the sky of the city. This is a café and an art gallery. There are many beautiful Taihu stones in the gallery. The value of most precious one is nearly 200,000 Yuan. It is one of the tallest dining halls in Shanghai; the five-star Hyatt Hotel offers all imported Matcha, which is also worthy of the experience.

The Jinmao Tower of Shanghai is in the prime location of Lujiazui in Pudong. It is also known as the kitchen three-piece set with the Oriental Pearl and the Shanghai Center. The Jinmao Tower has eighty-eight floors and the top is the sightseeing hall. The middle part of building is the living room. When you see the interior of the Jinmao Tower while living in the room there, it is still very characteristic. The room is outside in a circle. The interior is a deep patio, a spiral design from top to bottom, which is very tall and very stylish. And it is golden-gold color, and high-end atmosphere has a very good view here. Through the all-round transparent glass windows, the Bund, the World Architecture, the Oriental Pearl, and the adjacent World Financial Center and Shanghai Tower are all visible.

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