Peak Flown From Afar

Peak Flown From Afar, is also known as Vulture Peak. Peak Flown From Afar is 168 meters high and the mountain is made of limestone. Peak Flown From Afar because of the long-term erosion of groundwater, has formed many fantastic and varied caves, such as Longhong Cave, Jade Breast Cave, Shexu Cave, and Huyuan Cave. It is very legendary. Peak Flown From Afar’s rocks have different styles, some look like the dragon, some look like the rushing elephant, some look like lying tiger, some look like horror, which make the Peak Flown From Afar look like the stone zoo. Old trees and ancient vines on the mountain are tangled; the rock bones are exposed and the peaks are outstanding. According to predecessors, Peak Flown From Afar used to have 72 holes, but because of the long history, most of them have disappeared. The only remaining holes are concentrated on the southeast side of Peak Flown From Afar.

Peak Flown From Afar faces the slopes of Lingyin Temple. It is a Buddhist cave statue from the Five Dynasties, with more than 340 statues. It is a rare ancient stone art treasure in the south of China. It is comparable to the Sichuan Dazu Rock Carvings. The Peak Flown From Afar stone in Lingyin Temple has rare art treasure. What particularly striking is the Maitreya Buddha, which is a large statue in the Peak Flown From Afar, and it is a masterpiece of the art of the Song Dynasty.

When you visit Peak Flown From Afar, you will see many strange stones, ancient trees and secluded caves in this mountain. The landscape of Peak Flown From Afar in Lingyin Temple is very different from the surrounding peaks. In the deep Buddhist atmosphere of Lingyin Temple and Peak Flown From Afar, you can find and enjoy the charm of Buddhist art, and the rich historical and cultural charm between the mountains and rivers.

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