Goh Raja Yai

The Goh Raja Yai is 12 kilometers south of Phuket and if you choose taking speedboat, it will take about 30-40 minutes. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and it is a holy place for snorkeling. The Goh Raja Yai not only has a beautiful and complete natural tropical island scenery, but also the coastal scenery of the coral reef is unforgettable. Due to the late development, the number of tourists in the Goh Raja Yai is relatively less. Compared with the noisy Phuket, the beach environment is exceptionally quiet in Goh Raja Yai. There is no embarrassment and crowding here. Goh Raja Yai retains the original island scenery, and the main entertainment project on the island is snorkeling. There are many reefs and corals, and there are many kinds of fish. The transparency of the sea water is very high, showing a transparent gemstone blue color, from where you can see the 500-meter deep sea bottom by the naked eye. It is really beautiful.

The Racha in the Goh Raja Yai is perfect for a honeymoon, with an infinity pool and you can enjoy the sunset while standing on the platform. There is also a water center next to the Hotel Check In, from where you can rent mountain bikes, long tail boats, beach four-wheel drive (ATV), canoes, snorkeling gear, life jackets, water skis, kayaks and more. There are also large towels to receive. The water center always has a flag to remind visitors, and the red color minds that you can’t go to the sea, and the yellow color means that only those swimmers with good skills can go to the sea. In addition, there is a cliff restaurant next to the hotel, whose food tastes good.

Baan Raya is located to the east, so it is very convenient to watch the sunrise. At the same time, the better snorkeling spot on the Goh Raja Yai is here. In short, if you are looking for somewhere to have travel or honeymoon, Goh Raja Yai is your ideal destination.

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