Patong Beach

The most popular beach of the three major beaches in Phuket should be Patong Beach. There are a lot of tourists here every day in the early morning. The coastline in Patong Beach is also very beautiful. Although it is not as quiet as Kata Beach, there are many water recreation projects in Patong Beach that are not available in Kata Beach, and it is also a very good choice for vacation.

On the Patong Beach, there are many entertainment projects, such as paragliding and motorboats, but the fireworks show at night is wonderful. Across the street from the bar on the north of the beach, it is very lively.

Thailand has the good bay and is a gathering place for all kinds of seafood. Eating seafood in Thailand is one of the most pleasant things, because the seafood here is not only delicious, but also cheaper for many tourists. The waters of Patong Beach are endlessly slapping on the shore of the beach, the wild dogs on the beach are lazily sleeping there, and on the beach chairs of the Patong Beach, there are tourists who are from all over the world are sleeping leisurely there. Everything is so quiet and beautiful.

Patong Beach is the most mature tourist spot in Phuket. The advantage is that shopping is more convenient, but the relative disadvantage is that the beach is definitely not so beautiful. Other beaches such as Kata Beach and Karon Beach are not so mature, but they are definitely much more beautiful than Patong Beach. But Patong Beach is a place where you must take a visit during your trip to Phuket. It has a long and beautiful coast, lively night market, and exciting performances. It is definitely the most popular beach in Thailand. Not only can you embrace the sea intimately, but you can also enjoy the food here. It is an endless sea of joy.

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